Fox mTrading is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Trading on a new generation platform, access to global markets from a single account, the ability to trade following the example of successful cases, as well as favorable trading conditions without requotes and slippages - this whole holiday is offered to us by Fox mTrading. Let's analyze the data that they publish on their website and make sure (or vice versa) of their good faith.

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Fox mtrading. General information

Broker's main website:


Whois score:

Fox mTrading reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

Fox mTrading is represented on the Internet by a primitive site with poor quality of adaptability and content. All this is no different from other projects that we reviewed on The pages are translated into several languages and placed on a domain with experience, but this did not save our friends from the low price tag in an independent service.

Fox mTrading reviews scam
Site rating

The main page has sections that are quite familiar to us:

  • menu (market overview, trading conditions, about the company, contacts, buttons for changing the language, login/registration);
  • slider with a USP and a “start trading” button;
  • arguments in favor of trading with Fox mTrading;
  • additional benefits;
  • economic news;
  • account types;
  • trading instructions.

The footer duplicates the main menu items, and provides information on registration, licenses, contracts and other documents. The presence of the latter is the only difference from the heroes of our previous review. And so - all the same rake, only on the side. Let's check in more detail what brokers are slipping us this time.

Due diligence, Fox mTrading licenses

Let's start with licenses. In the "footer" of the main page, as well as in the "about the company" section of Fox mTrading, there are several reputable regulators and license numbers issued by them.

Fox mTrading reviews scam
Licenses, registration

However, quite predictably, our friends do not appear in the databases of the presented financial departments.

Fox mTrading reviews scam
Great Britain
Fox mTrading reviews scam
Fox mTrading reviews scam

In addition, since the project has been adapted for native speakers of the Russian language, it is advisable to request a license from the Russian regulator, without which no broker can operate on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS. But here, too, there is a catch.

Fox mTrading reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

In the same section, the office gives beautiful statistics and its main legend, according to which our friends have 4 years of experience, daily turnovers in the millions of dollars, and 250+ thousand open accounts.

Fox mTrading reviews scam

Fox mTrading reviews scam

However, these guys did not manage to hide the truth from us. The project was launched in September 2021 (see the very first screenshot) and even the old domain did not save them. Because, based on the data of the web archive, life was breathed into this domain only in 2021. Even if there was something before that, it has nothing to do with the heroes of today's review.

Fox mTrading reviews scam

Fox mTrading reviews scam
Web archive

In the "contacts" section, we also come across a non-existent registration address.

Fox mTrading reviews scam
Google Maps

Our heroes can only be contacted via e-mail, feedback form or German phone number.

Fox mTrading reviews scam

In this case, you will either have to spend a pretty penny on an international call, or expose your contact details for further SPAM sending. Think, decide, as they say, yourself.

Well, the last moment that caused us complete indignation is the client-user agreement. Unlike many projects reviewed by us on, Fox mTrading meticulously and in detail outlined the essence of your cooperation with them. At the same time, you still bear full responsibility for your money, undertake to pay hidden commissions and insurance. And our friends have the right to demand that you replenish your account at any time and for any amount they need, tweak quotes or even close the project altogether. Just read how beautifully they are trying to breed you. The only pity is that the majority of users turn to this document only when all their legs are knee-deep in margarine.

Fox mTrading reviews scam Fox mTrading reviews scam Fox mTrading reviews scam Fox mTrading reviews scam Fox mTrading reviews scam

Fox mTrading reviews scam
Terms of use

Features of Fox mTrading. Tools and conditions for traders

For their pinocchio For its clients, Fox mTrading has created all conditions for "comfortable and safe" trading:

  • leverage;
  • ultra-fast execution of transactions;
  • loyalty program;
  • no requotes and slippage;
  • liquid financial instruments;
  • minimum commissions;
  • multilingual support service;
  • cooperation with a company whose activities are regulated by authoritative financial departments of different countries;
  • low entry threshold.

Indeed, after a simple registration in a few seconds, you can enter the market with 150 USD on your account.

Fox mTrading reviews scam
Tariff plans

But for this money you will receive the most minimal set of conditions, under which it is almost impossible to trade normally. Brokers themselves like to say that “real trading will only start when you deposit at least $1,000 into your account.” And they speak in such a way as to put you deeper on their hook and make you completely tame. Few people want to lose such an amount and customers will be ready to indulge any lawlessness that usually happens on such sites.

Real customer reviews Fox mTrading

Despite the "four-year" experience of Fox mTrading, we were unable to find a single comment or feedback on their activities in RuNet. This once again confirms that all the information published on their website is a lure for naive beginners.

If you have been scammed by Fox mTrading scammers, leave your feedback below this review. It is possible that it is your comment that will save someone from losing money.

Fox mTrading User Fraud Scheme

We were unable to obtain feedback on Fox mTrading activities. Therefore, it is impossible to say for sure how exactly they deceive their unfortunate customers. However, according to typical scam signs, one can roughly determine the scheme of deception.

  1. Search for victims on sites and groups of social networks dedicated to the topic of making money on the Internet, finding a job, and even dating.
  2. Infusion into the ears of success stories and beautiful promises.
  3. Replenishment by the client of the real account.

After that, you can be blocked immediately. But judging by the user agreement of these guys, most likely you will be hooked on endless commissions, demands to deposit more and more amounts.

In any case, you will no longer be able to feel your own or earned money.


The Fox mTrading website includes the following signs of fraudulent companies:

  • non-unique, non-informative, cheap site;
  • fake licenses, registration address, lack of a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • false information about the time of existence of the company;
  • a fraudulent contract that puts the client in a losing position;
  • lack of feedback on the company's activities on the Internet.

What to do with the information received is up to you. Of course, you can try your luck and believe these crooks. But from us, Fox mTrading receives an unequivocal dislike and a wish to quickly go to the trash heap, from where, apparently, they crawled out.

If you were scammed by Fox mTrading or other similar offices and you find yourself in a difficult situation, perhaps our instructions on how to return lost money will help you. To download it for free - fill out the form at the beginning of the review.

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