Gemuco is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Profitable investment from anywhere in the world, the most popular trading platforms and a wide range of trading tools are offered to us by the investment and trading company Gemuco. These guys have a 4 year history, licenses and ambitious goals. That's just, even with a cursory glance, we have a feeling of deja vu. Let's see if our intuition is failing us.

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Gemuco. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

Gemuco reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

Gemuco's website is as primitive as possible, laid out on a free template downloaded from the Internet. Perhaps the resource is hosted even on a free hosting. Because the efforts of the developers were rated very low by a special independent service.

Gemuco reviews scam
Site rating

The template has a high adaptability, "clean" design, but extremely low quality content. All this, including the standard set of non-existent licenses, we have repeatedly met in our reviews on But first things first.

The main page of the Gemuco website is represented by the following blocks:

  • menu (market overview, trading conditions, about the company, including accreditations and licenses, contacts, choice of page display language, login/registration buttons);
  • slider with the main offer for traders and the “start trading” button;
  • advantages of Gemuco;
  • instructions for getting started with the platform;
  • another block with benefits;
  • economic news;
  • presentation of tariff plans.

The footer duplicates the menu, and also provides information about the licenses of three countries: Cyprus, Belize, Mauritius. We will dwell on them and some other data in more detail.

Expertise of legal information, Gemuco licenses

Let's check the Gemuco licenses right away. After all, in addition to information in the footer, the company devotes a whole section to this. That's just, despite the fact that the office leads about 9 different regulators, she bothered to come up with document numbers for only three. Yes, just think of it. Because they don't have any licenses.

Gemuco reviews scam
Gemuco reviews scam
Gemuco reviews scam

Silent about this office and the main regulator of the Russian Federation.

Gemuco reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

And this is absolutely fair. After all, anonymous scammers who did not even bother to download a standard client offer agreement from the Internet are not taken seriously by anyone (except for newcomers to the financial markets, unfortunately).

In the contact details section, Gemuco provides an address, phone number, e-mail and a feedback form.

Gemuco reviews scam

Everything seems to be as it should be. But, in fact, to communicate with them (and then, if you're lucky) is possible only through the feedback form or e-mail. The remaining communication channels, following the example of licenses, turned out to be fake.

Gemuco reviews scam
Phone number verification
Gemuco reviews scam
Google Maps

It turns out that you can only contact these guys on your own by revealing your personal contacts to scammers. We think it's not worth reminding you of what happens when you tell your address to all sorts of suspicious uncles. The gray wolf may not come. But tons of SPAM and "profitable offers" on the phone are provided to you. Don't go to grandma here.

Well, and finally - the time of the company's presence in the market.

In the “about us” section, the heroes of our review publish beautiful statistics and the history of a company that has 4 years of experience, millions of dollars in turnover and an audience of thousands of bidders.

Gemuco reviews scam

Gemuco reviews scam

However, all this, traditionally, is a complete lie. After all, the project was launched no earlier than December 2021 (see the very first screen). And even a domain with experience does not save the situation. After all, according to the web archive, some kind of life appeared here only in 2018. At the same time, there was a completely different project here before.

Gemuco reviews scam

Gemuco reviews scam
web archive

Peculiarities of work of Gemuco company. Tools and conditions for traders

For their customers, Gemuco has developed a simple algorithm for getting started, including quick registration, choosing a tariff plan and making a deposit. After that, you can dive headlong into the fascinating world of investments and unprecedented profits.

Traders can choose from three deposit packages, with a face value of 150 USD or more. up to 10,000. Naturally, for a minimal fee, you will also receive a primitive set of services. For normal trading, you will be asked for a minimum of $1,000.

Gemuco reviews scam Gemuco reviews scam

Gemuco reviews scam
Tariff plans

However, regardless of the chosen service package, cooperating with Gemuco you get the following benefits:

  • regular platform updates, functionality expansion;
  • clear and user-friendly interface, simple registration;
  • adaptability of the platform for any type of device;
  • better conditions for various investment strategies;
  • platform operation control;
  • interaction with a regulated organization (yeah, we swam - we know);
  • high-quality service, consultations (on skillful and not very ways to squander your money);
  • a wide range of trading instruments;
  • official quotes;
  • high order processing speed;
  • reduced percentage of commissions;
  • analytics.

Not a lot, right? But all this is nothing more than the criteria for an ideal broker, which, as it turned out, our friends are not. After all, all they bothered to do was write laudatory odes to themselves, but lie about three boxes. And if our analysis of official information was not too convincing, read the contents of the next section.

Real customer reviews Gemuco

Despite the very young, one might even say - infancy, the Gemuco office has already managed to annoy its clients, and even became the cause of family dramas. See below.

Gemuco reviews scam Gemuco reviews scam

Gemuco reviews scam
Gemuco Reviews

If you have lost money thanks to Gemuco's efforts, feel free to leave a comment below this article. Perhaps it is your story that will save someone from losing their hard-earned money.

Gemuco User Fraud Scheme

Traditionally, Gemuco have not been particularly resourceful in their algorithm for divorcing their victims. And why bother and reinvent the wheel? After all, people still believe in unicorns. This is the conclusion that can be drawn. Because in the pursuit of easy money, people completely lose their common sense and the ability to analyze information.

The matter is aggravated by the professional work of experienced scammers who know effective psychological tricks and places that need to be pressured so that a person gives everything to them.

You will be sung about successful cases of other clients, waving fake licenses in front of your nose, putting up time-limited “best deals”. But in the end, when you give them your savings, you will be drained. Trite and disgusting, bringing with it disappointment, regret, and possibly debt.


Gemuco has a full set of signs of fraudulent organizations:

  • cheap, non-unique, non-informative site;
  • lack of licenses, registration, adequate contact details;
  • use of information that misleads users (for example, about the age of the company, its success story, official regulation);
  • lack of a client agreement;
  • the presence of negative reviews.

The conclusion suggests itself. Gemuco is a classic scam that arrives on the market in packs. Learn to analyze what you slip. Otherwise, it may turn out to be under a beautiful wrapper ... well, you understand.

If you have been scammed by Gemuco or other black brokers, but you want to get your investment back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you step-by-step instructions to help you resolve the situation.

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