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Since fraud is becoming more and more popular every day, it is becoming increasingly difficult on the market to find a truly reliable and comfortable for cooperation brokerage project that would meet all user requests and could also guarantee the safety of its users' funds. In this review, we will consider the activities of the office Greenfield Investment, which is one of the rather primitive and banal scam projects, the purpose of which is to ensure their own financial stability, through the investments of naive and gullible traders.         

Greenfield Investment Contacts

On its platform, the office did not place any of the possible options for contacting it, or rather, with its representatives, which does not allow, if necessary, uncertain clients to turn to qualified specialists for help, and also creates a considerable field for generating doubts regarding the quality and professionalism of the presented sites.  

Site review 
This office is one of those sites that try to be as confidential as possible and do not allow you to get acquainted with all the intricacies of their activities, including trading conditions, before going through the registration procedure, in order to track this process, filter the influx of users, and also secure your platform from the prying eyes of reviewers. On its web resource, the broker posted only a registration form consisting of several fields in which users need to provide their personal information, namely full name, phone number, email address, and also mention which country they are a resident of. As for the design of the site, it is rather stereotyped and does not characterize this platform as a really high-quality and professional project. Greenfield Investment

Greenfield Investment Broker Conditions

The office, according to user feedback, provides rather banal and superficial trading conditions that do not identify this project in any way and do not allow it to be distinguished from the crowd. From the available data, the following list of available trading opportunities for users can be compiled:

  • the presence of a multifunctional and automated trading platform, which allows you to achieve maximum results in a fairly short time;
  • round-the-clock user support from the best market specialists, namely experienced traders and market analysts;
  • the presence of an extensive loyalty program, as well as a referral system that allows customers to receive additional profit in addition to the main income;
  • tight spreads;
  • the fastest possible execution of transactions;
  • the absence of any commissions;
  • availability of the most popular and requested trading instruments, from such categories as: stocks, indices, commodities, currency pairs, as well as other assets;
  • the presence of a sufficiently large number of payment systems that will allow traders to comfortably withdraw their funds. 
Exposure of Greenfield Investment

Despite the rather promising promises of the site, there is no evidence that it really fulfills them either in the responses from its users or in any other mentions that relate to its activities. In addition, the fact that Greenfield Investment scammer and scam, prove other statements, for example Greenfield Investment reviews, that is, its reputation, which, despite all the claims of the site regarding its success and quality, is not the most impeccable and only confirms all the fears of users regarding fraud on the part of the presented platform. It is also worth mentioning the real age of Greenfield Investment, which, as she mentions, is more than 4 years, but in fact, which confirms her domain name, this project worked for only half a year, since it was fully launched on 07/20/2021, which only once again confirms the fraudulent intentions of this site.

How to withdraw money from Greenfield Investment

Taking into account all the previously mentioned provisions, it can be quite logically concluded that Greenfield Investment does not withdraw money. This fact completely devalues cooperation with the presented site, since all the efforts of customers remain without any results. 


The Greenfield Investment company is the most common fraudulent project, which, according to a huge number on the website, are not few on the market, and they all care exclusively about their own pocket, completely ignoring the requests of their clients, as well as their needs. Summarizing these facts, we strongly do not recommend cooperation with the presented site, since there are no guarantees for a positive result.         

Possibility withdraw money with Greenfield Investment not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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