FABRIKA-MONEY IS A SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Investing in cryptocurrency is a dynamically developing and popular niche in the financial markets. However, there are very few really reliable and transparent offices that provide such services. Basically, fraudulent projects operate on the market. The investment company Fabrika-Money came to our review. Today we will try to figure out who we are dealing with: an honest financial institution or a “scam” broker.

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FABRIKA-MONEY. General information

Broker's main website:


Trustorg rating:

Fabrika-Money reviews scam
Trust in the network

Web resource evaluation

The Fabrika-Money website is the most common and cheapest web resource that does not attract much attention and certainly does not provide an opportunity to verify its professionalism, as well as its quality. This is because it does not look like a platform for a really noteworthy project. This is seen in many aspects:

  • template design and design;
  • primitive interface;
  • lack of adaptation to search engines;
  • misspellings in words;
  • the presence of empty, unfinished blocks.

But the main disease of this site is its low level of information content. The company does not give any information at all about how the funds of depositors will be increased. All presented services and functions are quite superficial and banal. This is a clear sign of a HYIP project. The site of our friends was appreciated. The cost of the resource for a special service was only 1 ruble.

Fabrika-Money reviews scam
Website cost estimation

Checking legal data FABRIKA-MONEY

The Fabrika-Money company has been operating for only 8 days (at the time of writing the review). Our friend does not hide this. Relevant information can be found in the statistics located on the main page immediately below the tariff plans. But we were surprised not by the youth of the project, but rather impressive figures regarding the number of registered users, invested and paid funds. It is very difficult to achieve such indicators in just a week. So we can safely say that this is a fraudulent ploy, designed to inspire confidence in customers.

Fabrika-Money reviews scam

Fabrika-Money contact details are provided only by e-mail. In the corresponding section on the company's website, there is a message that a response from the support service will have to wait from 5 minutes to 24 hours. In theory, there should be a feedback form here, but apparently it has not yet been done. Also in the contact details there is a box "We are in social networks", but for unknown reasons it is also empty.

Fabrika-Money reviews scam

Fabrika-Money does not provide any legal information about its activities. Consequently, these comrades are not regulated by anyone and do not have official registration. On such grounds, it is very difficult to return the money stolen by scammers.

Of the official documents, only the user agreement can be distinguished. It contains only 9 items. But we are only interested in the paragraph that says that the organization disclaims all responsibility for technical problems and failures. This trick is often used by scammers to attribute all their sins to some external friction.

Fabrika-Money reviews scam

What conditions FABRIKA-MONEY offer to investors

Fabrika-Money is a trust management service in the cryptocurrency market that offers a safe and easy platform for investing without the need to work with complex hardware and software on your own. The project appears to be international and cooperates with investors from all over the world.

The company claims that its traders are professionals in their field, so all depositors' funds are in the safe hands of an experienced team. Even if one of the traders starts to lose money, the profit of the others covers all losses.

Fabrika-Money offers 4 investment plans to all its clients.

Fabrika-Money reviews scam

The client can request a payout at any convenient time, except for weekends and holidays. Withdrawal requests will be processed instantly. For Perfect Money, Payeer, Visa / MasterCard payment systems, funds reach the wallet immediately after they are ordered in the personal account panel. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 rubles and 100 rubles for Free Cashier.

Also, customers can earn income without investments, simply by registering on the service. The referral system will help them with this. For the first level referral, you can receive 10% from his income, for the second level - 4% and for the third - 3%.

Reviews and real facts about the activities of FABRIKA-MONEY

The site of our friends has been working for a little over a week. But such a short time was enough for the crooks to earn not the best responses on the Internet. All information on external sources relating to the project under review is represented by revealing reviews and negative comments. Not a single positive mention of our investment project was found. There are a lot of reviews from real clients of the organization and they all agree on one thing - we have another hype project in front of us.

Fabrika-Money reviews scam
Fabrika-Money reviews

If you lost your money due to the activities of scammers from FABRIKA-MONEY, tell us in detail all the details of cooperation with these scammers in the comments below the article. You will help others avoid senseless financial losses.

How FABRIKA-MONEY scams their customers

Why do scammers often use the investment sphere for their fraud? The implementation of investment activities requires high qualifications, which are often not possessed by an ordinary consumer, so it is easy for “breds” to mislead him. It is inexperienced users who are the main audience of such “scams”. Modern technologies give scammers great opportunities to find victims: social networks, thematic forums, direct and indirect advertising, spam mailings, cold calls, etc.

After the interested user is located, the crooks act according to the knurled pattern.

The basic concept of any scam is simple. It has three consecutive stages: inspire trust, put pressure on emotions, get what you want. If the trick succeeds, then the victim quickly parted with the money.

To inspire confidence, the scammer mimics. He introduces himself as an employee of well-known companies, calls big names, uses professional terminology. An experienced financial crook understands the investment business as well as the guys on Wall Street. By doing this, he turns off the critical thinking of the victim. As soon as the client makes the first deposit, he is already trapped. His money is instantly transferred to the accounts of the creators of the project. The user's balance will grow, but it will be a normal picture. In any attempt to withdraw funds, the victim will either be marinated for a long time or immediately blocked.


Having analyzed in detail the activities of Fabrika-Money, we were able to make sure that the monitored project does not provide any really valuable services and offers. The company does not have any registration or permission to conduct financial activities. All the information presented on his website is a fiction and a blatant lie. All the big words of the organization, promises and empty guarantees are no reason to trust scammers with your money and personal data. We categorically do not recommend cooperating with this "scam".

If you have been scammed with FABRIKA-MONEY or any other black office, we are ready to help you get your hard-earned money back. Leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the review. An illustrated action plan will be sent to you as soon as possible.

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