Avandax is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Today we will discuss another black broker who should not be trusted with your savings. It's about AVANDAX. Well, it sounds nice. Brilliant title, don't you agree? But what is behind it? Let's figure it out.

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Avandax.General information

Broker's main website:


Whois score:

AVANDAX reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

Judging by the information about our broker from the Whois website, it was created in October 2021. Recently. But it is already positioning itself as the best investment platform. What kind of success books did they read so that being so new they were already the best? Can you smell what? Aroma of a scammer.

The site itself is made frankly simple. Bump and go, as they say. Then we will look at its approximate cost, and be sure - the figure will be ridiculous.

What information is presented on the site is briefly analyzed below:

  • the “about us” section, which is filled with information about how good they are and how great they are - the activity is officially registered and all customer data is completely safe (oh, yes, they immediately brag about their five-year experience, but we remember that the site was created in October 2021);
  • advantages of the broker and why it is worth choosing it in the form of primitive stock icons;
  • description of the referral program with exorbitant interest;
  • profit calculator;
  • an investment plan with an example that we cannot help but share, but this will be discussed below.
  • frequently asked questions, which describes the minimum deposit amount and the procedure for withdrawing funds;
  • news.

What to say? Solid caramel promises of wealth, but in fact no specifics.

AVANDAX reviews scam AVANDAX reviews scam AVANDAX reviews scam AVANDAX reviews scam

And, in conclusion of the analysis of the site, we will evaluate its value. Nothing surprising in the result - it really does not cost anything.

AVANDAX reviews scam

Expertise of legal information, Avandax licenses.

To understand whether this is a divorce or not, you do not have to go far. Let's start with the elementary - legal information. The site has a Contacts section. And how fun it is to open it. After all, there are no contacts there. There is a form asking you to leave your phone number and email. Why not share personal data with scammers? Of course, this is sarcasm. You can not share your contacts on unverified sources. Otherwise, you risk becoming a victim of SPAM or even hacking.

AVANDAX reviews scam

By the way, on other sections of the site you will not be able to find a single contact of the organization. There is no link to geolocation, not a single phone number, email address. Let's go back to the information they give about themselves: "Avandax is an officially registered company that provides its customers with all the necessary guarantees, including the confidentiality of the data provided by customers in the registration procedure." What guarantees are we talking about? I would even like to praise other scammers - they try at least a little and steal other people's certificates and licenses from the public domain. Avandax thought: "And so it will do."

Is there really no information at all? Maybe at least a Russian license?

AVANDAX reviews scam
CBR data

No. No hint of documentation. The broker does not have the right to work on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Features of the Avandax company. Tools and conditions for traders

The main tool for attracting new customers, in addition to the promises of risk-free investments and gigantic interest, is the referral program.

Avandax know elementary psychological tricks and put pressure on the thirst for easy money.

And here is the promised example of an investment plan: you invest 3000$ for 5 days, you get 120$ every day. After 5 days - earn 600$ and return your deposit 3000$, the net profit on the deposit will be 600$. Oh, those empty promises.

Who is this plan for? they ask in the title. And they themselves answer: “The advanced plan is suitable for investors who have already invested money more than once, who have increased it, who are striving to achieve their goals. The advance plan profit under this plan increases, the investment period is also reduced by 2 times.

What is the person thinking while reading this? Yes, I am an investor. Yes, I am successful. Yes, damn it, I have goals, and I strive for them!

That's all well and good, of course, but common sense at this point goes into decline. And scammers remain in a huge plus.

Real customer reviews Avandax.

Below we share the reviews that we found. Alas, there are not many of them. But there are a lot of deceived people. Therefore, we ask you to always share your impressions, even if you fall for the trick of deceivers. There is nothing of the kind in this, we all once in our lives “caught the hook”. But thanks to your feedback, many people will be able to learn from the mistakes of others and prevent scammers from flourishing.

AVANDAX reviews scam

If you were unlucky and Avandax were able to deceive you, leave your stories in the comments. The more real reviews about the broker, the less he will be able to harm people in the future.

Scheme to deceive Avandax users.

On the Internet you can find information that it is unrealistic to withdraw money from the site. Even minimal amounts, even one single time. Everything that was sent there ends up in the hands of deceivers. You will not receive any feedback. This is not surprising - initially, any user should be alerted by the complete lack of information.

That is, the scheme is as simple as possible - there is a website with promises of wealth, and then users themselves will send money.


And now let's sum up. Usually, such sites literally “poke” us with fake licenses, stock photos of offices and happy beautiful employees.

This is when they try.

Immediately, frank neglect catches your eye, between the lines you can read the thoughts of the creators about what will do anyway:

  • the site completely lacks any information about the organization;
  • no addresses, phone numbers, photo of representatives, license, or at least its number;
  • the page was created in October 2021, and in the description of the organization we are told about five years of experience;
  • everything that is written is water, there is no specifics, only promises and dubious profit calculators.

Therefore, having discovered another fraudulent broker, we kindly ask you not to trust your funds to unverified organizations. At the very least, try to read reviews and read our website. We publish many useful articles and try for you.

If Avandax.or other dishonest brokers managed to deceive you, and you are eager to return the lost funds, leave your contacts. The form for them is at the beginning of our article. We will share with you a step-by-step plan of action to be followed in such situations.

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