Trusttrad is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Deception, all around deceit! I just want to run through the streets, loudly shouting this phrase. But, alas, people do not understand. They will also call for some special service ... But we don’t need it. Better, let's discuss it, as before on And let's talk about the deception of one brokerage company called Trust trad.

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trust trade. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

Trust trad reviews scam
Trust in the network

Site analysis

And now let's analyze the site, because this is the "face" of our broker. Let's see if he hits them in the dirt. The site is simple - fonts, pictures. No visual. See for yourself - can it really be beautiful for someone? I don't even want to talk about the quality of performance. At first glance, it is noticeable that they did not particularly bother with the creation.

The site is not written in Russian, but translation tools easily solve this problem.

So, let's look at the content of their site:

  • describe themselves in large print, as frame 25 flashes the word "Safety";
  • the promise of profit, where without it;
  • a story about yourself, that everything is so beautiful and official, someone else's certificate (we will talk about this later);
  • evidence of investment security for the most naive (pay attention to the phrase “Many years of experienced team” - this is important for further analysis);
  • payment solutions.

Trust trad reviews scam Trust trad reviews scam

Sounds serious, right? And spent on the creation of the site as much as FIVE rubles. Five rubles, Karl! Some kind of attraction of unprecedented generosity, not otherwise.

Trust trad reviews scam
Sat Cost Estimation

Expertise of legal information, licenses Trust trad

Now let's talk about legal information.

Legal address? Very funny. They didn't even bother to point it out. That is, you will not be able to find out the whereabouts of these guys. No photos of offices, best employees and invitations to visit a cozy office with coffee and cookies.

On the right side of the site, you can find the feedback form:

Trust trad reviews scam

Malaysian phone number +60 11-6070 2712 is attached to What`s up.

Trust trad reviews scam
Phone numbers

And it is impossible to contact them on this phone number. Classic.

There is another option for communication through the Telegram bot - after all, it is not strange for anyone that it is offered to communicate about their finances in the most secure social network, where it is easy to delete the correspondence from the interlocutor and hide in the fog. And why are we always asked to trust?

Trust trad reviews scam

We are also given information that the company is officially registered in Singapore with UEN number: 201705188N. It seems to us, or did they, in the most brazen way, provide someone else's certificate, to which they have nothing to do with? And just put it on your site? We don't think so. This is a certificate from a third-party company that does not even suspect the existence of our little black brokers.

Trust trad reviews scam

Next, we check the Russian license. After all, without it, the organization does not have the right to work with clients related to the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. How are you doing with the license? Oh yes, she is not. But do people check licenses when they want to make good profits the easy way? Of course not.

Trust trad reviews scam

By the way, you will not find a user agreement or a contract form on their website. Just like any other important information. If you want to read any documentation or answers to questions, the site will immediately require registration. And if you dare to leave your data, then you can not complain about the unrealistic amount of incoming SPAM. Always remember about Internet safety.

And, with regards to information about their website. We asked you to pay attention to the combination of "many years of experienced team". The domain was created on October 17, 2021 – is there anything else I need to add? In such a short time of work, they could not become the reliable broker they are trying to show themselves to be.

Trust trad reviews scam
Domain Age

Features of the work of Trusttrad. Tools and conditions for traders

The company promises daily profits from 0.8% to 3.5% and talks about a beautiful referral program up to 20%. But isn't it too much to promise 292-1277% per annum? By the way, with this referral program, they guarantee themselves an increase in more and more victims of their scam.

Trust trad reviews scam

There is also a lot of safety information. This is really some 25 frame. They try to convince us that everything is as safe and reliable as possible. Already in 6 points you will be convinced and told about the steadfastness of the protection system:

  • protection against DDOS attacks - they assure that they are protected from all types of hacker encroachments, and as if you can always access the site;
  • data encryption - data is protected and cannot be transferred to third parties (yes, of course, we believe);
  • database backup - they constantly create database backups, on the basis of which they believe that information about investors is protected;
  • dedicated server - here again they talk about additional protection;
  • hacking protection - they assure that they are completely protected from viruses, hacking and any other actions of intruders (FULLY? The Pentagon website cannot be completely protected, and here Trust trad for five rubles is ideal in terms of security. We laugh with the whole team, dear reader);
  • The site's SSL traffic is encrypted with an SSL certificate. Which, again, is highly doubtful.

All this, of course, is wonderful. Here are just the data we received during the analysis of official information, indicate a completely different state of affairs. The real achievements of the office are clearly illustrated by the reviews we found.

Real customer reviews Trust trad

As you can see, there are few real reviews about this site. But if you do not cover this information and do not share it with people, then there can be much more reviews, and deceived customers have much less money.

Trust trad reviews scam
Trust trade reviews

If you are familiar with Trust trad and your impression of acquaintance is so-so, then we are waiting for your comments under this article. It is likely that your review will help someone avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

It's not a shame to fall into the trap of scammers. Everything happens in life, and we are sure that there is no person in the world who has not been deceived, at least once in his life. It is important to share this information with people. And even if you are far from being a philanthropist and do not want to please others, then think about scammers - the more people who are aware of their machinations, the less they will be able to earn. And this is already much more pleasant for you, agree?

Trust trad user fraud scheme

To our sadness, as we have already mentioned, there are too few real reviews about the company, so it is not possible to describe the exact scheme of fraud. I managed to find not quite detailed information on one of the sites that after receiving the money, the user is simply blocked and ignored. This is not surprising. After all, people trust their money to the site, on which, apart from the left phone number and someone else's certificate, there is nothing else.


In general, after analyzing the company’s website, I want to say one thing - they didn’t bother at all:

  • someone else's license stolen from open sources;
  • terrible lame visual;
  • no adequate feedback;
  • the constant introduction of the idea that the site is safe;
  • unfounded information about many years of experience;
  • lack of normal information about the work on the project.

Solid water, and only.

And yet, they manage to deceive. After all, promises of sky-high profits can be so sweet ...

If you are unlucky and you are trapped by Trust trad or other black brokers - leave us your email (form at the beginning of the article). We will share with you a detailed plan for getting your money back.

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