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In today's review, we will ride with an interesting passenger - ATAS, which positions itself as a supplier of effective software and a multifunctional platform for trading in financial markets. We checked this office “for lice”, so together with you we will draw conclusions at the end of this “journey”.

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ATAS. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

ATAS reviews
ATAS verification by Trustorg

Site analysis

The multi-page ATAS website has an indecently simple template that runs counter to the one we reviewed last time. Trepbank , but is quite classic for pseudo-brokers. At the same time, now we are not dealing with the brokers themselves, but with the platform. The top menu contains the following sections:

  • platform characteristics;
  • description and transition to the download page of a special version of the cryptocurrency trading platform;
  • the cost of a license to use the platform;
  • brokers (we will discuss this section in more detail below;
  • downloading the program;
  • blog;
  • technical support, contacts, indicators from reliable partners.

Interestingly, any student can become a developer of indicators. The most important thing is to use the ATAS manual.

Under the menu there is a crooked header with a picture and an offer to try the platform for free. Below are the advantages of the terminal and again a call to action.

This is followed by beautiful phrases that ATAS is a professional Forex trading platform that allows you to analyze and trade efficiently and profitably. No arguments supporting these words are given.

At the very bottom - a description of the firm's reliability and other benefits of cooperation with a software provider, as well as ambitious goals and noble missions.

In the footer you will find a “disclaimer”, where it is indicated in black and white that only you are responsible for your money, and ATAS only provides you with additional tools for draining the budget analysis. Taking into account the fact that their indicators are created by ordinary people and scammers who can conclude a “cooperation agreement” with ATAS to line their pockets with your money, the reliability of such tools is in doubt.

What does ATAS offer?

For its customers, the company offers a wide range of "buns":

  • many tools for analytics and forecasting;
  • regular updates of the platform, taking into account the wishes of traders;
  • trade and technical assistance from an experienced team of ATAS employees;
  • constant work on improving and expanding the functionality of the platform.

In the "Prices" section, the provider offers 5 types of licenses, lasting from 1 month to infinity. The starting price of the platform is 69 euros. The maximum deposit is 1790 euros. It only takes 3 steps to start trading.

Analysis of legal information ATAS

We found several red flags on the platform website at once:

  • disclaimer in the absence of adequate terms of the client-user agreement;
  • lack of a legal address (a large business center is located at the specified address in Riga, where you can easily get lost, which ATAS did, because they could not be found).
ATAS reviews
ATAS Google data

The meager number of subscribers in the social networks of the office is also embarrassing. This means that she is not interested in promotion and long-term work, and is not popular in the trading community.

Other possible signs of software vendor dishonesty include:

  • there is no phone number, instead of it there is a feedback form and a link to Telegram;
  • lack of any documents from regulators;
  • although the age of the domain is impressive (date of creation is 2013), initially it was practically empty and was even put up for sale, activity began in 2020.

ATAS reviews

By the way, the founders of the company are our rather young guys.

ATAS reviews
ATAS state register

Overview of partner brokers of the ATAS platform

The brokers recommended on the ATAS platform have long been "lit up" in the network as unscrupulous organizations. And, even if the software vendors do not deceive the people, the offices that are recommended on the platform website do it. And this means that they are all at the same time and, obviously, share with each other "partner" bonuses received from gullible traders.

Exante, according to ATAS, has many years of experience (since 2011) and provides access to 50+ markets, reliably protects customer deposits and follows all the instructions of the Cyprus Commission.

The broker, according to ATAS, has the following advantages:

  • transparent and low prices;
  • individual approach;
  • minimal delays;
  • round the clock multilingual support service.

The second broker recommended by ATAS is Optimus Futures. This company is billed as the leading interactive futures trading broker that deals with major markets. The broker voices the following advantages of cooperation:

  • discounts on trading commissions;
  • providing real quotes in the "here and now" mode;
  • the ability to choose methods and directions of trade;
  • high leverage, etc.

All this undoubtedly deserves praise and that every self-respecting trader cooperates with these unprecedented companies. But below we argue why everything that ATAS says is just beautiful words. Don't switch!

Exposure of the EXANTE broker

Exante position themselves as a well-known financial company that can seem like a solid partner for a newcomer.

ATAS reviews

But if you analyze the legal information published on the broker's website, it becomes clear that, despite its advanced age, a well-established broker has stepped on a slippery path of deceit and fraud.

According to legend, Exante is a European investment company that has existed since 2011 and has branches in Cyprus, Malta, the UK and Ukraine. However, after “breaking through” the submitted registration data, we found out that there are no organizations with such a number. Or even if there is - the responsibility extends only within the countries represented.

Yes, Exante is registered in the Republic of Cyprus. But the form of economic activity here is LLC. And this means that according to the law, if compensation is paid and there is a shortage of money in the company's account, it will be declared bankrupt and will not bear any responsibility. And taking into account the fact that, according to the laws of Cyprus, data on the real amounts of assets of organizations are kept in the public domain, Exante can even have 1 c.u. and she can exist. But you and your money will not be protected.

At the same Ukrainian phone number, they provide advice on investment issues, strategies for getting out of the financial crisis. But they have nothing to do with the Exante broker.

The office provides software for trading from any device. But, for example, on the application page in the Play Market, there are a lot of negative reviews that relate, in particular, to the transfer of personal data to scammers. Not to mention the fact that users see the application as too “raw” and it is impossible to trade adequately on it.



ATAS reviews
ATAS reviews
ATAS reviews

Exante was also involved in a major scam and money laundering. After a high-profile scandal followed by litigation, a huge number of clients of the broker suffered, who was only saving his money, not giving a damn about his traders.

If a broker is involved in fraud litigation, by signing a cooperation contract with him, you automatically agree that the fraudster will keep your money. This means that at any time your funds can be confiscated or frozen.

Exposing the broker Optimus Futures

We looked at the Optimus Futures broker page. This is a fairly old project that offers traders transparent and profitable futures trading conditions, educational materials and recommendations.

ATAS reviews

The broker provides its clients with many advantages:

  • competitive commissions;
  • simple withdrawal and replenishment of the account;
  • referral (where without it) program;
  • automatic trading.

Everything would be fine, but we did not manage to find any legal information about the company's licenses. They are not in the database of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation either, which only indicates that they do not have the right to work with traders from the Russian Federation and the CIS.

ATAS reviews

They do not provide Optimus Futures and no adequate agreement with traders.

We also analyzed the social networks of the office. So, for example, in the account "Face-Book" they have a little more than 1000 subscribers, and the activity is rapidly approaching zero.

ATAS reviews

The same situation is with other social networks. The question of how a successful, highly experienced and professional team in our time can have such shameful indicators in social networks is considered rhetorical.

The site of this broker is a huge puddle in which beautiful promises of “successful success” and other blah blah blah float.

At the same time, the so-called "broker" reserves the right to collect confidential information and transfer it to third parties at its discretion (and again, hello calls from scammers to mobile and spam in the mail). There is also a disclaimer for the actions of the persons to whom they transfer your data.

Real ATAS customer reviews

We have collected several reviews at once about the ATAS platform and brokers cooperating with it. The result, it must be said, is depressing.


ATAS reviews

ATAS reviews

ATAS reviews

ATAS reviews

ATAS reviews
ATAS reviews

Share your opinion in the comments. Perhaps some of you have worked with this platform. Your comment may help someone avoid losing money.


If you have read up to this point, you have obviously already drawn the necessary conclusions: ATAS is an intermediary company that, under the pretext of providing a highly efficient trading terminal, leaks your data and accounts to black brokers and scammers for a certain fee. And they, in turn, are already doing whatever they want with your investments.

The brokers recommended on the ATAS website are registered offshore, have a huge number of negative reviews, and are not regulated in any way by regulatory organizations. None of the traders trading on the ATAS platform is protected from the illegal actions of scammers. This is how the "trip" came out.

Have you been scammed by a broker? Caught in the “scam” of ATAS or another pseudo-platform for trading? Fill out the form at the beginning of the article and receive a free illustrated instruction on how to return your lost money.

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