UBSGroups is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Today we have for lunch the freshest platform for effective work in the financial markets from the broker UBSGroups. The company positions itself as a reliable broker with 10 years of experience, which helps everyone who wants to make big money on the stock exchange. Whether the office fulfills this promise in practice will be shown by our detailed review. In it you will also find a small educational program on the TOP-5 of the most important signs of unscrupulous brokers.

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UBSGroups. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

UBSGroups reviews
UBSGroups Whois

Site analysis

The UBSGroups website is a typical "dummy" that one-day companies acquire. Such resources are designed for only one purpose - to attract inexperienced traders.

The absence of any intelligible information, except for beautiful lines about “successful success”, is already a good reason to think about the degree of reliability of such a service provider.

UBSGroups reviews
UBSGroups site cost estimate

Poor design and non-unique, primitive content is the #1 sign of a cheap scam.

The site menu includes the following sections:

  • description of markets, instruments and a trading robot that will earn you money on the machine;
  • trading platform;
  • economic calendar;
  • description of different types of trading accounts;
  • trading information (forex articles, frequently asked questions, etc.);
  • training - several 3-minute trading videos for "dummies" and books that can be downloaded for free on the Internet;
  • company shares - affiliate program (+50% from investments of attracted users) and "welcome bonus" - 100% from the deposit amount.

By the way, the last point is another beacon for a trader.

Offers of exorbitant bonuses and percentages - trick number 2, which is used exclusively by scammers. Nobody will pay you any 50% and 100% per share.

Next to the menu button there is a feedback form, a function for selecting the page display language, and a login/registration button.

Also in the header there is a "sticky" animated picture and several main advantages of trading with UBSGroups.

Below is a puddle of water about "advanced software", bringing in external experts and other rubbish.

Below are quotes and prices for currency pairs that change in real time. It says next to it that you can see all the current changes on the platform.

Next comes a block dedicated to training courses and literature provided by UBSGroups. We have already spoken above about the level of these materials.

By the way, on our website we regularly publish high-quality and expert information about trading for traders of various levels of experience and training. For example, newbie article.

Scrolling through the main page below, you can see a beautiful map above which UBSGroups claims that investors from 60+ countries on the planet are trading on their platform.

The footer contains a standard inscription stating that you yourself are responsible for all your actions and money. There is also a general recommendation to read the User Agreement before starting work. However, the broker did not bother to provide the document itself.

At the very bottom there are logos of money systems through which you can pay a deposit to start trading.

But the most important thing that can be hidden from the eyes of even experienced users is the registration form on the UBSGroups platform. It is the same as that of the MTXPro pseudo-broker we recently described.

UBSGroups reviews UBSGroups reviews

For those who are not yet in the know, let us explain: this striking similarity means only one thing, that behind the successful UBSGroups office there is a whole assembly line for the production of UTIP Technologies Ltd. scam brokers. You can read detailed information about what kind of hellish project UTIP is, what global damage it causes to the trading community, as well as about the MTXPro scammer himself, you can read here.

Expertise of legal information, licenses UBSGroups

Let's start with the address. According to the "Contacts" section of UBSGroups, their headquarters is based in Switzerland.

UBSGroups reviews
UBSGroups address

But having “driven” this address into the Yandex search, we found that another “passenger” is based there, who also managed to “light up” on the network for his fraudulent deeds.

UBSGroups reviews
UBSGroups address

In fact, the given address is a 5-star hotel. You can't forbid living beautifully. But hardly anyone would register organizations with such a legal address.

UBSGroups reviews
UBSGroups address
UBSGroups reviews
UBSGroups address

The absence of a legal address and state registration is the number 3 sign by which an illegal organization can be identified. The same applies to activities. Even if the company is registered, it must conduct activities in the field of finance and investment.

Of the other contacts, only e-mail and a feedback form are given. It turns out that neither you nor the law enforcement agencies will be able to find these "professionals" in which case.

We did not find any licenses, including permission from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

UBSGroups reviews

A broker whose activities are not controlled by reputable regulators is not responsible for your investments. Lack of licenses is a sign of scammers No. 4.

Also, the office proudly presents its awards on the site.

UBSGroups reviews
UBSGroups awards

We did not check their authenticity, because given the fact that the first regalia on the page date back to 2013, the data we found on the date of registration (see the very first screen) is already contrary to the information provided.

The broker also published on its main page information that about 450 thousand traders are registered on its platform. This information also does not fit with the domain registration data. Because otherwise, their site, which appeared in May 2021, would have registered 3000+ users per day.

Providing fictitious information about the company's working hours is confirmation of its illegal activities #5.

Features of the work of the company UBSGroups. Tools and conditions for traders

Oddly enough, unlike, for example, brokers cooperating with a software supplier ATAS, UBSGroups prefers not to advertise long sheets of the benefits of cooperation. We managed to find several "goodies" that are designed to help a trader make a choice in favor of UBSGroups:

  • convenient platform;
  • 600+ signals;
  • quick withdrawal of funds;
  • cooperation with a team that has been working since 2013;
  • personal support;
  • analytical support;
  • bonuses.

In the "Account Types" section, you can choose one of the deposit options, with a face value from 250 to 150,000 dollars. At the same time, the size of the bonuses here already look much smaller than those stated in another section of 100%. Obviously, when it comes to actually paying bonuses, this figure will be zero.

Real customer reviews UBSGroups

UBSGroups has already managed to "inherit" on many review sites and reviews of honest bloggers. The context is about the same. You can verify this for yourself.

UBSGroups reviews
UBSGroups reviews

UBSGroups reviews

If you, like these people, by mistake, naivety, inexperience, invested in trading with UBSGroups, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your feedback that will stop someone before they make a rash step.

Scheme of deceiving users of UBSGroups

Judging by the reviews, it can be understood that the “divorce” of UBSGroups is designed in the same style as other one-day offices - no withdrawal of funds, blocking of accounts, leakage of personal data to other scam companies, recommendations for knowingly unprofitable transactions, collection of payment for non-existent services.

And taking into account the fact that UBSGroups works on the platform of the notorious UTIP, it has full control over your accounts, from “drawing” charts and indicators to zeroing your deposit amount in just 2 clicks.


If you have read this review to the end, then you are convinced that UBSGroups is a classic example of a broker that you should NOT do business with. Despite the huge number of awards “drawn” on the UBSGroups website, in the few months of its existence, the sharashka has not won anything but negative reviews and a bad reputation. To deceive traders they help:

  • lack of control by authoritative and independent regulators, including the Central Bank of Russia
  • fictitious address, legal information;
  • an uninformative site full of "slogans" and fake information about the company's achievements;
  • false information about the existence of the organization.

If you are a victim of UBSGroups or other black brokers and want to get your investment back, fill out the form at the top of the page. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan to get out of this situation.

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