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Many novice traders are so overwhelmed by the desire to make easy money that they completely lose their critical thinking. And they begin to thoughtlessly invest their money in obvious scams. And today we will talk about one of these services. Trepbank is another "broker" that has appeared out of nowhere and is not shy about scamming customers for money.

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Trepbank.General information

Broker's main website:

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Trepbank Reviews
Trepbank score by Trustorg

Site analysis

The review of this project is best to start with the site presented by him. It looks more like a cheap web resource owned by a bookmaker than a site of a successful and popular broker. Terrible design and poor interface quality are just the tip of the iceberg. One of the “merits” of this site is the low level of information content. Clients are not given any specific information, but only led by the nose with bright headlines and promises. The resource menu is primitive and consists of 5 main blocks that take visitors to other pages with information:

  • trading;
  • analytics;
  • stock;
  • affiliate program;
  • about company;
  • contacts.

Just above the main menu, we can observe the registration and login buttons. Registration is as simple as possible. The broker asks you to come up with a name, enter your email and password. This was done on purpose so that naive traders spend less time filling in the data and quickly start giving away their money.

Trepbank Reviews

There, next to the login and registration icons, are the contact details of the organization. They didn't even bother to leave at least some correct information. Only email, chat and feedback form. The crooks simply do not have telephones or pages on social networks; there is no question of any real offices at all. We are dealing with another anonymous scam that crookedly and obliquely tries to impersonate a real broker.

The icing on the cake is an interesting icon located at the very end of the page - "Risk Warning". When you click on it, a message is displayed stating that Forex trading is risky. Thus, the broker confirms its incompetence and relieves itself of all responsibility for the clients' money.

Trepbank Reviews

Expertise of legal information, Trepbank licenses

The Trepbank website completely lacks information about the address and registration of the company. However, after analyzing their website in the WHOIS service, we found out the IP location - USA, Florida, Miami. And this is not at all surprising. Florida is one of the states in America that has no income tax. Almost all such organizations conduct their activities from such offshore zones.

Trepbank Reviews

Attempts to find at least some information about the company in the Florida trade registers also ended in failure. An organization with that name simply does not exist.

Trepbank Reviews
Trepbank registrar data

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, any company, in order to conduct official financial activities in the country, must be listed in state registers. Any Internet user has access to them. As expected, there is not a single mention of Trepbank in the registers of the Central Bank of Russia, which means that the company does not have the right to conduct any business with clients from the Russian Federation and the CIS.

Trepbank Reviews
Trepbank CBRF data

At the bottom of the Trepbank home page, you can see partner logos and awards. Among them there are verification and cooperation badges with such large financial platforms as Visa and MasterCard. The broker also claims that in 2019 he became the winner of the prestigious international IAFT Awards. Of course, this is all just another trick that should give crooks solidity. There is no confirmation of the presented data. The search for information about the cooperation of other organizations with Trepbank, as expected, ended in nothing.

Trepbank Reviews
Trepbank Reviews

Even lower there is a standard icon for many organizations, which says that the company has been operating since the distant 1996. Twenty-five years of successful work is a fairy tale for naive beginners. When checking the site for WHOIS, it turned out that its domain was registered only in 2014. The web archive contains information that this domain was on sale until recently and was launched only relatively recently. This fact fully confirms the absence of any information about the broker on all specialized resources. Even search engines do not rank the site of scammers, in order to find their mousetrap, you have to work harder.

Trepbank Reviews
Trepbank whois

Features of the work of Trepbank. Tools and conditions for traders

To attract inexperienced clients as quickly as possible, the broker offers many tools and nice gifts:

  • more than 40 different trading instruments, among which there are even precious metals and oil;
  • having its own compensation fund;
  • open use of scalping and HTF trading;
  • round the clock technical support;
  • the presence of permanent promotions, such as 60% cashback;
  • affiliate program;
  • the ability to create and use a free demo account for training.

Trepbank, in addition to the listed "goodies", ascribes to itself a lot of other advantages that are not even partially displayed in real work. Accordingly, all items function only in words.

Real customer reviews Trepbank

We have not been able to find any real Trepbank reviews on any relevant marketplace. Probably, the scam broker appeared quite recently and did not have time to make a splash among traders. Unlike other similar services, he did not even try to leave any information or positive feedback about himself on other platforms. Modern scammers are lazy to the edge.

Trepbank Reviews
Trepbank Reviews

The only information that can be found on the Internet about Trepbank is a few reviews from whistleblowers. They also describe the broker in extremely negative terms and advise against having anything to do with him.

 If you, too, have been scammed by Trepbank or another financial scammer, leave a comment below this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Trepbank User Fraud Scheme


Trepbank operates according to the classic scheme for such organizations. Naive traders are actively searched for in social networks, they make mailing lists by e-mail. After going to the site, the broker tries to quickly assure potential customers of its reliability and performance. To do this, he provides false information and talks about his non-existent qualities. For example, this company, when asked about possible risks, assures that it has its own compensation fund, from which, in case of bankruptcy, all victims will be paid $20,000 each. But it immediately indicates that the trader must take into account that working on Forex is fraught with the loss of all money. Scammers have enough of these tricks.

After an extremely simple registration, the user can immediately replenish his balance. Further, the site can imitate normal work and even increase the client's balance, but all this is nothing more than just a picture, a fiction. It is impossible to withdraw funds from the site, the entire deposit remains for scammers.


Already with all the information mentioned above, it is clear that Trepbank's activities are a prime example of cheap scam scam projects. All the information provided on their website is fake and has no real confirmation. This broker is another pyramid scheme that has nothing to do with the financial markets. If you care about your money, we strongly recommend that you bypass this garbage dump.

If you have been scammed by Trepbank or other black brokers and you are desperate to get your money back, leave your email address in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you step-by-step illustrated instructions that will help you resolve the situation in your favor.

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