Acam LTD - SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

This review will focus on Acam LTD. In words, the company appears to be an international financial organization, but in reality its activities have much in common with classic "scam" brokers. Today we will get to the bottom of the truth and sum up the corresponding result.

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Acam LTD. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

Acam LTD Reviews Scam
Trust in the network

Site analysis

The Acam LTD web resource is a low-quality, template site. The site interface is as simple and boring as for an international broker. All blocks are made and arranged primitively, as if the platform was created by schoolchildren in an informatics lesson. Estimating the cost of the resource only confirmed our words. The price of the efforts of these comrades is only 1 ruble.

Acam LTD Reviews Scam
Site cost

In addition to low quality, the site is also not unique. We have already come across over 10 different projects with exactly the same pages and similar information. This is one of the sites owned by a large gang of scammers from Ukraine. In addition to the same sections, all the "bred" platforms are united by a trio of regulators in the footer and stories about four years on the market. That is why many blocks with text on the web resource are made with pictures. Indeed, due to their low uniqueness, a search engine can block them. You can find reviews of other identical "scams" on our website

Also, a characteristic feature of the hero under review, which gives out most HYIP projects, is the lack of useful information on the platform. If you carefully read the information that Acam LTD provides to its clients, you can immediately see that apart from colorful promises and general provisions, the broker does not share anything with us.

Expertise of legal information, licenses Acam LTD

We will begin the analysis of legal information by exposing the story of the broker's four years of experience. Speaking about their activities, Acam LTD states that their company entered the market in 2018. The site provides quite impressive statistics: 40 thousand active traders, more than 270 thousand transactions per day, daily turnover of 245 million dollars.

Everything would be fine, but why is there no worth mentioning about such a large and successful platform on the Internet, except for negative reviews? Checking their Whois web resource helped us answer this question. The domain of our friends has existed since the distant 2006, only they settled on it only 3 months ago - 08/07/2021. So all these statistics are children's fairy tales.

Acam LTD Reviews Scam
Domain Age

The contact details of the organization consist of e-mail, international phone number and legal address. You can also request a call to support. There is no direct connection with the broker. Who do you trust with your money? The location of the company is an ordinary residential building in Germany. The scammers indicated a random address in the hope that no one would check it.

Acam LTD Reviews Scam
Google maps data

In the accreditation section, Acam LTD claims to have the support of many reputable global regulators. But the broker does not provide any license numbers or scanned copies of documents confirming these statements. Maybe our friend just forgot about it. It doesn't matter, we ourselves can check information about him in the registers of these regulators. Mauritius Financial Services Commission:

Acam LTD Reviews Scam

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission:

Acam LTD Reviews Scam

International Financial Services Commission:

Acam LTD Reviews Scam

Considering that the site of the monitored hero also works in Russian, we can assume that he provides his services to citizens of the Russian Federation. However, it is worth remembering that conducting financial activities in Russia without the permission of the Central Bank will be considered illegal. Let's check its registries:

Acam LTD Reviews Scam
CBR data

As you can see, Acam LTD does not have any license. And again they tried to deceive us. Before us is another anonymous brokerage kitchen.

Features of the work of Acam LTD. Tools and conditions for traders

The company offers clients the most popular and requested trading assets, tools and improved functionality on the market. However, she does not delve into this issue in any way and does not explain in detail all the prospects of cooperation with her.

The broker provides round-the-clock access to the markets for stocks, commodities, bonds, futures, cryptocurrencies, and indices. All clients are guaranteed support from the best specialists represented by experienced analysts and traders. The site of our friends is available on absolutely all electronic devices, and is also suitable for any operating system.

All users are offered 3 trading accounts to choose from. They are quite versatile and accessible to traders with any level of knowledge and skills.

  1. Initial, with a basic set of tools and a minimum number of available features.
  2. A trader with already wider functionality and a wide range of opportunities.
  3. Investor, professional trading conditions are offered here, suitable for an already confident client.

The minimum deposit of these accounts is $150, the maximum is unlimited. Also on the platform in the public domain there is a profitability calculator, an economic calendar, and an updated news feed.

Real customer reviews Acam LTD

For those 3 months that Acam LTD have been operating on the market, they have managed to light up on the Internet quite a few times. Most of the information about the monitored comrade is negative articles that reveal the true essence of the project. Even on YouTube there is one small review. Sometimes there are promotional mentions of the broker. Even at the beginning of his activity, he led an aggressive marketing campaign. As for real reviews. We did not find any positive comments. But they found dozens of messages about stolen money and lost time.

Acam LTD Reviews Scam

Acam LTD Reviews Scam
Acam LTD Reviews

If you were deceived by scammers from Acam LTD - tell us about it in detail in the comments at the end of the article. Help others avoid financial losses.

Acam LTD User Fraud Scheme

In the divorce of their clients, Acam LTD did not excel in originality. Fraudsters call or write to people, offering profitable and simple earnings. Many users got to their platform from the fake investment program of Tinkoff Bank. It is a common practice for crooks to hide behind someone else's big name.

When potential victims get to the site and decide to make their first deposit, they are assigned several managers who appear to be experienced traders. They offer to conduct all transactions for you for a certain percentage. In fact, they quickly drain your balance and no longer get in touch.

If the client wants to trade himself, he is provided with this opportunity. At first, all transactions with him can be successful. But this is only so that in a fit of excitement, he threw more money into the account. In fact, the scam service is a regular program that imitates trading and has nothing to do with real markets. So as soon as the scammers realize that the victim will no longer give them money, they will cancel her account with a few clicks. Any proceedings end with a complete disregard by the administration and even account blocking.


During the analysis of the activities of Acam LTD, the following signs of a scam project were identified:

  • low-quality web resource;
  • clone site;
  • low information content;
  • false information;
  • lack of registration;
  • lack of licenses;
  • negative feedback.

Given all of the above, as you understand, we do not recommend giving your money to scammers from Acam LTD. In fact, we are dealing with another "scam" that pumps money out of its customers and quickly gets rid of them.

If due to Acam LTD or any other shady organization you have lost your money and want to get it back - leave your email at the beginning of the review. According to the specified data, we will send you a step-by-step, illustrated instruction.

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