DENVER IS A SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

As long as there is trading on the Forex market, so many scam brokers will exist. They are different. Some bother with sites and steal other people's licenses, others simply promise profit on a one-page one-day site and still manage to swindle someone. As usual, at we will look at another black broker.

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This article will focus on Denver, which, at first glance, looks good. Let's figure it out - is this a scam project or a real platform for making a profit?

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DENVER. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

Denver Reviews Scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

So, let's start with site analysis. It is multi-page. Impressive for a scammer. But do not think that we praise them. As a result, the layout of the site is quite simple, elementary.

The approximate price of the site is 46 rubles. This reflects that the site initially cost the creators a penny.

Denver Reviews Scam
Website cost estimation

Expertise of legal information. Does DENVER have a license?

One of the most interesting parts of our review is the analysis of legal information.

This broker did not skimp on the number of email addresses to contact. You just look:

  • general information;
  • finance, verification;
  • withdrawal of funds;
  • electronic payments;
  • support.

Each question has a separate mailbox and technical support department. Not bad, right? The only question is how long to wait for an answer from at least one of them.

Further, we are provided with a telephone and fax number: +441613940727 and +441613940728. Let's check them.

Denver Reviews Scam
Phone check

The number belongs to the country United Kingdom. And our brokers are very cunning - they also indicated their fake address in London. Why fake? Here's why. The screenshot shows that there is no successful company with a long history at 91 Battersea Park Road, London SW8 4D.

Denver Reviews Scam
Google maps data

It is also proposed to fill out a feedback form, leave your contact details and expect a response within 24 hours. But is it worth leaving your personal data (especially your phone number) to dubious organizations?

At the bottom of the site, in small print, the user is invited to read the documents - user agreement, AML KYC policy, privacy policy, return policy, risk notice.

They are available on the site, with the most interesting of them we will get acquainted in more detail below. But the site offers to study the license and regulatory documents only after registering and providing your personal data. What a twist.

Denver Reviews Scam

Well, let's discuss the user agreement then. There, the broker writes to the investor in black text on a white background that he has the right to close his account, change something arbitrarily, or even invalidate the transaction. The most interesting points can be seen on the screenshots below.

Denver Reviews Scam Denver Reviews Scam

The information in the risk notice is standard, the essence of it is that the broker does not bear any responsibility.

Denver Reviews Scam

DENVER does not have a license to work in Russia. What does it mean? The fact that he does not have the right to work in the territory of this country.

Denver Reviews Scam
CBR data

And, finally, at the beginning of the article there was a screen from the Whois website, which indicates the age of the domain. The broker's website was created on July 30, 2021. In such a short time, he could not have become the best in any way. It's even weirder to be proud of "experience". All big words are just a bait behind which a fraudulent office is hiding.

Features of the work of the company DENVER. Tools and conditions for traders

The site has a whole tab on the conditions of working with a trader. Briefly describe what they promise.

Denver Reviews Scam

To begin with, we are told about the professionalism of the employees - they say that their forecasts are the most accurate and it is necessary to use individual consultations if you want to succeed.

Then comes a story about how simple and easy it is to replenish your personal account.

Regarding the withdrawal of funds - even from the text from the site it is easy to guess that this is a dreary and wildly complicated matter. And sometimes the impossible, as the text at the very bottom gently hints at.

Denver Reviews Scam

Next, you are notified that you will have to provide all your documents. Passport with registration and even utility bills. We do not get tired of repeating that it is extremely dangerous to provide your documents.

Of the tools, the trader is offered:

  • trading in futures contracts for the supply of the most common commodities, including oil, gold, grain, cotton, cocoa and many others.
  • purchase and sale of shares of many large international companies, as well as securities of second and third tier issuers.
  • about a hundred currency pairs, and we are talking about both standard bundles national currency - dollar / euro, and more exotic ones, where national currencies appear on both sides of the exchange.
  • investments in various cryptocurrencies.

At first glance, it seems that it’s just an ideal alignment. But in fact, it is necessary to attract more traders from different parts of the investment world.

Denver's minimum deposit is 100 euros. Such a large down payment is explained by the fact that it can be increased very quickly. Magic, and nothing more.

Real customer testimonials DENVER

On the Internet, you can find a lot of reviews about this eloquent scam broker, then we will present you some of them.

Denver Reviews Scam
Denver Reviews

If DENVER deceived you and forced you to lose money - leave comments under this article. Thanks to you, others can avoid the same fate.

DENVER user fraud scheme

This broker has a fairly simple system of deceiving traders. To begin with, a person is “brainwashed” with promises of mountains of gold and stories about how everything is safe and perfect. The company is said to have vast experience. Then they start pulling money. The more money a person sends, the more they promise him. As a result, it is impossible to remove them. In the article, we have already given examples from their conditions, it clearly says that they have the right to dispose of clients' funds at their discretion.


At first glance, the company looks quite representative, but upon closer analysis, we found out that these are ordinary scammers who put in just a little more effort to develop the site.

So, short summary.

  1. Fake contact information, as well as the lack of a license and work permit. But the abundance of different agreements with their pitfalls to divert eyes and create "mass" documentation.
  2. The real age of the domain, proving the fragility of this site. No one will have time to become the best in a couple of months.
  3. Reviews of dissatisfied customers confirming the fact that it is impossible to withdraw money.

Based on the results of the study, one conclusion suggests itself - the DENVER office cannot be trusted.

If you have become a victim of a black broker DENVER or the like, and you have a desire to return the money - leave your mail in the form, it is at the beginning of the article. We will send you a useful action plan that will be useful to you.

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