AdroFx FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

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Company AdroFx, whose activity will be discussed in this article, is directly related to the Forex market, as well as the most popular assets, such as stocks, currency pairs, indices, as well as cryptocurrency. This site, according to its own view, is a fairly successful and promising brokerage service that seeks to influence the quality and speed of the trading process of its users, as well as help traders improve their financial situation. In addition to positive promises and guarantees, this platform raises quite a few doubts about its professionalism, as well as competence, since it has a lot of negative qualities that manifest themselves in the process of cooperation with AdroFx.          AdroFx Contacts

On its website, the company leaves several possible options for contacting it, namely:

  • Contact phone number (+44 203 504 2223)
  • Several email addresses, thanks to which you can ask AdroFx representatives various kinds of questions, ranging from standard trading clarifications to questions regarding partnerships (Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled to view the address., Email address is protected (from spam bots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address. , Email address is being protected from spam bots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.)
  • Clients can also leave their contacts in a special feedback form, thanks to which AdroFx representatives can contact them and answer all questions of concern to traders.

Site review

The site of the presented office is quite simple, both in terms of design and its content, which does not show AdroFx from the best side and, of course, does not allow customers to fully familiarize themselves with all the intricacies of cooperation with AdroFx. On its platform, the company posted a lot of information about itself, its achievements, as well as goals. This project and its presentation is a vivid example of the fact that quantity does not always equal quality, because the huge number of promises that this service gives is unreasonable, and therefore cannot in any way be a real proof of the quality and professionalism of this company. The web resource itself is divided into several cells that mention trading conditions, account types, available markets, market analysis, partnerships, and contact information.

AdroFx FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

AdroFx broker conditions

The office offers its users the following list of available trading opportunities that can help them achieve the desired results, as well as the strengths of the company:

  • quite an extensive range of high-quality and professional trading instruments;
  • promotional and bonus applications from the company on an ongoing basis;
  • complete confidentiality and protection of customer data using leading security protocols;
  • the presence of parallel trading training, which, thanks to unique materials, can significantly increase the level of knowledge and skills of a trader;
  • a demo account is also available on the platform, which will help you test your trading skills and gain new experience without real investments;
  • leverage 1:500;
  • the complete absence of any commissions for deposits, as well as low spreads;
  • 6 professional trading portfolios with deposits ranging from $100 to $10,000;
  • opportunity to become a partner AdroFx and be able to receive up to 30$ per lot.

All of the mentioned data, as you can see, are aimed at attracting naive and gullible users with their prospects, but, in fact, they do not represent anything valuable for traders.

AdroFx FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

 Exposing AdroFx

Since this site does not represent any benefit, many questions arise regarding the meaning and purpose of its activities. Studying such reviews on, one can easily conclude that AdroFx is a scam and a scam, who simply decided in this way to ensure its continued existence, at the expense of its clients and deceit. This fact can be proven reviews about AdroFx, which contain all the necessary references to repeated fraud by the representatives of the broker, and its real age, which is far from a few years, as AdroFx mentions, but only 11 days, which can be found out thanks to the domain of the office.

How to withdraw money from AdroFx

It is obvious that the opportunity to get your profit is the most key task that the broker must perform without any hitches, but, as it turns out, this is not the case with the hero of our article today, because AdroFx does not withdraw money and blames everything on the problems and technical problems of payment systems, shielding his service in all possible ways.      


Considering all the previously mentioned provisions, which were presented both by us and by the company itself, to talk about any kind of professionalism, as well as quality AdroFx it simply makes no sense, because the company is extremely far from all these characteristics and does not correspond to the description that it itself came up with. This fact only once again confirms the lack of prospects, as well as the need for cooperation with this brokerage service, since traders will not receive any benefit from this, which cannot be said about losses and debts.  

Possibility withdraw money with "Adro Fx" not confirmed.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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