FinFix FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

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As you know, only a small percentage of all companies on the market perform all the services they provide, and also allow you to withdraw funds to your users without taking 70% as a commission. Such projects are truly exclusive and unique, since it is not so easy to find them, because more and more fraudulent companies come across that only seek to improve their financial condition and ensure their continued carefree existence through the contributions of naive and gullible traders. In this article, we will consider the activities of an office called FinFix, which, despite its not so long stay on the market, has already managed to get quite a lot of various negative responses in its direction.           FinFix company contacts

On its site, the office presented the most limited number of possible ways in order to directly contact its representatives. All that is available to users is:

  • Unspecified location of its main office: James St, Kingstown, St. Vincent & Grenadines
  • Feedback form, where clients will need to indicate their contact information, as well as full name, after which representatives of this brokerage service will contact users;
  • Links to the social network of the site, where customers supposedly will also be able to contact the company through managers. 

Site review

The platform presented by the company can hardly even be called a high-quality web resource, since it absolutely does not correspond to the status of a successful and popular platform declared by the office. In addition to the cheap and simplest design, the company also decided, apparently, not to waste time or assets on filling the presented platform, since it posted only a few sections with seemingly key data, but in fact presented the most superficial and banal information that does not allow fully familiarize yourself with all the intricacies of cooperation with this project, and also does not define FinFix as a really promising service where you could invest your money. 

FinFix FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

FinFix broker conditions

The company posted on the site, as we mentioned earlier, a rather superficial description of the available functions and features that are available to customers. Squeezing the maximum out of the information provided, it is possible to compile only a small list, which is rather limited and does not give a real opportunity to fully get acquainted with all the intricacies of cooperation with FinFix, it looks like this:

  • the presence of a multifunctional trading platform, the interface of which allows you to comfortably use it even if the user does not have the most impeccable technical literacy;
  • round-the-clock support by experienced and professional FinFix employees represented by successful analysts, as well as traders;
  • the presence of more than 100 high-quality trading products from such categories as: stocks of large companies, world indices, futures, metals, currency, cryptocurrency, and others;
  • a fully robotic trading process that allows you to achieve the most efficient and accurate results;
  • the presence of several stages of the referral platform, which allows customers to receive additional profit;
  • There are 6 trading accounts on the site for clients of different levels, ranging from complete beginners to already experienced and successful traders. The amount of investments of the submitted invoices starts from 250 US dollars and is not limited;
  • the availability of basic training, which will enable inexperienced clients to understand all the intricacies of the trading process;
  • fairly low spreads;
  • leverage up to 1:30;
  • availability of accurate and systematic trading signals;
  • a demo account open to all clients, from which you can start without using real funds.

FinFix FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

 Exposing FinFix

Since the company represented does not have any really significant evidence that could refute that FinFix scammer and scammer, doubts about her are becoming more and more justified. Among other things, this process is also supported by such provisions as FinFix company reviews, who repeatedly mentioned all the most significant shortcomings of the broker, including the lack of any possibility for him to withdraw funds, as well as the complete incompetence of its representatives, which manifests itself in the systematic ignoring of the company's clients, as well as their deception. It is worth mentioning the real date of creation of FinFix, which is actually far from the figure presented by the platform, since, according to the domain name, this project began its activity only at the end of September 2021, that is, literally 3 months ago, which absolutely does not give this company the right to name its service is successful and experienced, because it is far from this characteristic.

How to withdraw money from FinFix

As we mentioned earlier, the presented platform does not even consider the option that its users can make a profit, since this is a direct path to its ruin, given the absence of other ways of income for the office. That is, FinFix does not withdraw money, which only once again speaks of its non-professionalism, as well as its unreliability.      


Similar reviews on can rank the project presented in this article among the most banal and rather second-rate sites that do not perform their key functions as brokerage services, and also do not allow traders to complete a full-fledged trading process, due to the lack of real access to market.  

Possibility withdraw money with Fin Fix not confirmed.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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