INGOT Brokers review and feedback on the project

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INGOT Brokers - a new brokerage company invites you to long-term participation in the project. Offers and benefits quickly justify the goals. Participation will bring quick profits, help solve financial difficulties and other problems.

General information
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• INGOT Brokers - reviews of the social network
• INGOT Brokers - broker
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• INGOT Brokers is a scam

• official website:
• phone: +1646-971-9620
• Legal address: Kingston

Description of the INGOT Brokers project

The activity of INGOT Brokers started 15 years ago. Since then, the site has been improved several times. Today, the project can enjoy a large list of financial instruments and premium levels with a diversified set of assets.

The main page of the INGOT Brokers project provides the necessary legal and news information. Without official registration in the project, users can use the online calculator of traders, study the conditions of trading accounts, financial calendar information.

A huge number of educational programs and blogs will help novice traders to decide on accounts and their own capabilities. Round-the-clock support of the INGOT Brokers broker by phone and in other ways inspires confidence in potential project participants.

INGOT Brokers review and feedback on the project

Technical part of INGOT Brokers

Trading conditions of INGOT Brokers become available after official registration on the site. The broker offers more than 1000 financial instruments for use. They are designed for beginners and advanced traders.

Which option is more profitable is determined by the participant himself. The best way not to miscalculate is the use of technical support. The company's developers will tell you which option is more profitable, taking into account the user's experience.

The project offers access to three types of accounts:
• ECN Account minimum deposit is 100 bucks
• Professional Account - the minimum deposit is similar to the previous account
• Prime Account minimum deposit starts from 25 thousand dollars

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Project accounts can be opened individually, jointly and corporately. The company allows such a solution. The leverage is 1:400.

More information about the basic conditions can be found after the official registration in the project. Deposit and withdrawal of funds is carried out using popular payment systems. Pay attention to commissions. They are available. May be different in each payment system.

INGOT Brokers review and feedback on the project

Where is the scammer hiding?

An analysis of new HYIPs showed that most of them are scams and scams, designed for unintelligent beginners. Projects look for user weaknesses and use them to the maximum.

To avoid risks, to make sure the assurances of the project developers are true, a careful study of the company's legend and the information provided on the site will help.

In our situation, clear signs of a scam are:
• registration of an office in an offshore zone - this state of affairs deprives Russian-speaking users of legal protection
• lack of a license to conduct financial activities in Russia
• slow transactions on a high speed platform
• low cost of creating a site with a main page
• lack of interest in further cooperation with users - project participants are interested in developers until the deposit is replenished
• discrepancy between the number of financial instruments and reality
• discrepancy between the age of the company from the legend and the real one

Every niche project has false information. This indicates an unprofessional approach to creating a project.

INGOT Brokers review and feedback on the project

Feedback from project participants

The office quickly drains accounts, does not pay attention to the individual. For them, the main thing is their own profit. Money merges starting at 100 bucks. Developers steal small and large sums.

Constant server failures, lack of technical support pushes users to take the wrong steps and lose. There is only one way out of this web, to lose everything and forever forget about further cooperation.


The project is working on a fraudulent scheme. Robs beginners and advanced traders. At the origins of the project are hackers who do not understand the intricacies of the financial market.

For them, the main thing is to drain money on time. When meeting with a company, try to forget about it forever. The project is very dangerous for your own wallet.

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Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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