Veel Games reviews of the gaming service. SCAM!

Veel Games is a gaming service with a variety of games for a fun pastime. But games are not free, but for money.

And everything would be fine if the payment for games was honest, and users did not complain about hidden commissions and constant withdrawals of money from the card.

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Technical part:

Veel Games is a gaming portal with a huge number of different games, the subscription to which costs 899 rubles per month. But for only registered users, the portal will cost only 11 rubles. That's the proposal and are lovers to play.

The site is bright, with reviews about games, brief information about subscription, registration. More detailed information can be obtained only by those who will register. Not exactly a good fact for an honest project.

Also, there is no legal component, so users do not even know what they are agreeing to. And by registering and giving access to their card when paying for games, they agree to very slippery pitfalls.

Veel Games reviews of the gaming service. SCAM!

Exposing Veel Games:

Veel Games will not be the gaming resource to which you can give your money. The site is built very banally, but with great ambitions to scam people. We have already said that the project does not have any legal information, it is not known where the project is registered, but there is all the information about the tariffs, but there is no information on how to unsubscribe.

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But the developers do not indicate the most important thing - 11 rubles are debited from the card upon connection, but the remaining amount does not disappear anywhere, does not dissolve in the air, but is debited a day after registration. Unsubscribing from the portal is very difficult.

More precisely, the organizers in every possible way bypass the topic of unsubscribing, the players themselves have to look for how to do it. As it turned out, you can unsubscribe within 24 hours after withdrawing 11 rubles.

Veel Games reviews of the gaming service. SCAM!

The unsubscribe instructions are as follows. You need to go to the site, go through authorization, then find the "Manage Subscription" button. You can choose the reason that it was really very expensive to pay for the resource, go through confirmation that you are not working, and then click the "Disable" button.

You can still play for a month, and after it expires, access is closed. If there is a question about the return of money, then it is already more difficult. You need to write to support, constantly be in touch.

But it is not a fact that support will agree to return the money even for the period in which you did not use the portal.
Unfortunately, the service does not warn that it is debiting the full amount from customers' cards.

Also, the service does not warn that there are in-app purchases for games, and the other part of the games is available only when paying for games. Not subscriptions to the service, but purchases of games. It's just a crash and a bottom, deceiving customers.

There are many stores for any gadgets where you can play games for free, do not pay almost 900 rubles, their cost is much less, and the choice of tariff plans is huge.

Veel Games reviews of the gaming service. SCAM!

Reviews about the Veel Games project:

Despite the fact that Veel Games has only recently appeared on the gaming portal market, everyone who has ever played on this service complains about the deception on the part of the organizers. Of course, complaints come to the subscription, which is debited without warning.

They also complain that it is impossible to contact the project organizers before registration. Someone is satisfied with a paid subscription, but complain that it is very expensive.


Veel Games is a scam, not a gaming service.

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Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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