Fx Base real reviews about the broker. SCAMMER!!!

Fx Base is another project from scammers who lure you with promises of the best investment and trading platform.

The brokerage scam is already on the black list of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which means that its reliability is out of the question.

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Similar project names:
Broker FX Base

Website address:


71 Cherry Court Southampton UK

Technical part:

Fx Base is a Forex broker. All of the broker's clients achieve their financial goals, and the total number of users reaches two million.

You can work with a broker not only on Forex, but also with the help of investments. The broker focuses on protecting user data. Clients' payment funds are segregated and reliably protected from fraudsters.

After registration, traders get access to the best partners, proven and most effective platforms. The broker executes all trading transactions in a second. It is convenient to trade with a broker through any gadget.

Fx Base real reviews about the broker. SCAMMER!!!

Several types of accounts are available for trading, but financial analysts recommend opening two accounts so that there is the least chance of losing everything. Of course, on the site, the creators of the project mentioned several times about the absence of risk, about the security of transactions.

The site is in English, and its cost is only 4 rubles! Even the description of the broker's services itself should be a wake-up call that it's time to turn off this resource and find something else!

But for some reason, this does not stop anyone, which causes a huge number of victims of scammers.

Exposing Fx Base:

The fact that Fx Base is an analogue of many scam programs is immediately evident. It is not possible to switch from English to Russian, although browser translation can be used.

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There is no sense in such a translation, because there are a lot of grammatical errors, after which all the confusion arises. There is no specifics on the site why this project has become so cool that two million people use its services.

Fx Base real reviews about the broker. SCAMMER!!!

Only advertising their services. So what, that transactions are executed quickly? Anyone can write this!

Why is there not at least a video showing how the broker works?

Because scammers will not spend their money on improving the resource, it is more convenient for them if the potential victim simply believes that Fx Base is a super duper project. The broker has ways to get in touch and very trendy support.

How did it really turn out?

We registered for the project, we didn’t even have to provide our passport data, because in theory we deposit money, but when we receive it, we must enter all our data.

Pretty weird verification process. And this should already repel people from draining money into this sharaga.
We had difficulties with choosing an account, contacted support.

We did not have such huge amounts to give them to scammers. We registered to understand how the scammer deceives.

Fx Base real reviews about the broker. SCAMMER!!!

So, until we opened an account, the operators encouraged us very much not only to open a deposit, but even for a loan that a broker could give us, if only we made more investments than planned.

When we refused that we were not ready to transfer money to an explicit anonymous person, we were simply blocked. Why is it anonymous? Because it is not clear who manages the company, how the broker is regulated, who regulates its activities.

The legal address does not exist at all. Google maps could not determine that there really is such a street in the UK, although it showed possible options, but none of them belonged to the broker.

Feedback about the Fx Base project:

If Fx Base writes about two million successful traders, then he overdoes it. There are only negative reviews on the network, stories of how the broker threw his clients. People complain that the money merged immediately, that there are no normal consultations, and that transactions differ from the real market.


Fx Base is a scam.

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