Trader Boris Fedotov reviews,

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Trader and business coach Boris Fedotov, who presents us with a new training course for beginner traders. This course is called "7 UNIQUE METHODS of making money in the foreign exchange markets: how to trade for pleasure."

Before us is a template scam. Such “Boris Fedorovs”, whom scammers present as some outstanding traders and business coaches, they simply invent. There is no difference what the name of the next such "specialist" is, he still does not exist in nature.

Of course, there is no training course, you will not earn millions of dollars, you will not buy a prestigious car, a house, an island and a galaxy. Remove the noodles from your ears and carefully read how these figures are bred and why all this is needed at all.

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  1. Boris Fedotov - who is this?
  2. Boris Fedotov and his course is a banal fraud
  3. Verdict

Boris Fedotov - who is this?

Of course, this is never a trader, and he is not a business coach. As you already understood, this character is fictional. If you search the web, you can find a lot of similar figures. And they all advertise their services, or rather, the same training course, on similar websites.

That is, scammers come up with a whole bunch of fake traders, using them to sell their scam products to naive users. What - we'll talk later.

The sites are all the same. These are not even sites, but simply pages that are placed inside the main site. The main site is a left broker site called TRADING BROKER PRO. That is, the calculation of crooks is done on people who do not even know how to look at the address bar. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them. They just see a freebie and forget about everything in the world. You can't do that.

Trader Boris Fedotov reviews,

The photo illustrating Boris Fedotov, of course, is stolen from the Internet, this is a completely different person. There is no intelligible information about him, we are only told how cool, successful, rich he is, how much money he has, what a beautiful car, big house, and so on. Again - banal hanging noodles.

We are stupidly promised that we will become rich by solving all our problems. No real trader would carry such nonsense, because trading is always associated with very high risks. There is no mention of risk here.

It is absent as a phenomenon. The scammers decided not to bother with such a question as contact information, and therefore we will not have any connection with the admins in principle.

So, a training course called "7 unique methods of making money in the foreign exchange markets: how to trade for pleasure" from a certain trader and business coach Boris Fedotov.

This course is for you if you need additional income, you are tired of working for pennies, you want to become financially independent, you are ready to make your dreams come true, you want to work only for yourself, you dream of being free.

Here is the description of the course given to us on this page. What else can be said here?

Boris Fedotov and his course is a banal fraud

So what is the essence of divorce? Why is all this necessary? You may have noticed that this course, although distributed in a limited number of copies (a traditional ploy to make the suckers think less), is free.

Trader Boris Fedotov reviews,

But only the cheese in the mousetrap is free. In fact, there is no course. You will simply be given a brochure in which they will praise the next fake broker in every possible way, in this case TRADING BROKER PRO.

That is, the scammers just want you to go to the site of a fake broker and open an account there. And then all your money will be stolen, and that's it. Like this.


Boris Fedotov is a fake trader, like his course. The task of scammers is to drag you into the network of another pseudo-broker. This is a very dangerous scam, do not contact.

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