Pelliron: broker reviews

Pelliron ( is not just a broker, it is supposedly the perfect service for trading. Such statements, to put it mildly, do not really correspond. Nothing is perfect, and Pelliron is not perfect either.

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Contact Information

Official site:

Registered office: Trust House, 112 Bonadie street, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Phone number: +442032906161

Email: [email protected]

Project overview

After a number of successful analytical and investment projects created, a local team of super professional traders and other specialists decided to create the perfect trading service. Pelliron Universal Inc. has become the epitome of all the experience and understanding of the needs of traders and investors. We willingly believe.

By the way, this is a very young project, only a few months old. They are trying to prove to us that the history of the company goes back to the beginning of the 2000s. That is, they are trying to give themselves solidity. But to be blunt, it's not even a broker. Another offshore kitchen with dubious registration and no license.

They show the registration certificate from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and this piece of paper was placed on the “Regulation” page. Calculation for beginners is exactly a registration certificate, but not a license. No one regulates the activities of Pelliron.

Trading conditions

We will trade everything we can. Trading conditions, which can be seen immediately, are tailored specifically for beginners. They are trying to show that this is a very solid office, they promise high leverage and other nuances that are supposedly supposed to protect customer deposits.

True, a high entry threshold is set - immediately $ 5,000. But these are the costs of the "solidity" of the project - you cannot simultaneously pretend that you are a cool broker, and at the same time invite everyone who has at least a hundred dollars in his pocket.

Reviews for Pelliron have already begun to appear. Of course, there are a certain number of custom comments of a positive nature, but you should not pay at least some attention to them, because they are all untruthful.

Pelliron: broker reviews

The real reviews are exceptionally bad. Pelliron pseudo-broker is stealing money using a wide range of classic fraudulent tricks.


Contacting Pelliron is strongly discouraged. Of course, this is not a broker. This is another scammer who is after your money.

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