SS Investment. New broker or new scammer? Obvious HYIP.

Every day there are more and more brokerage companies in the financial services market. They promise high profits, minimal losses and short deadlines for fulfilling obligations. As a rule, most of these firms are fly-by-night companies whose goal is to deceive their customers and embezzle their money. They change domain addresses and names, creating more and more traps for financially illiterate people.


One of these companies is the brokerage house SS-Investment. Despite the fact that this company claims to be a professional broker with many years of experience, we managed to find out that their entire legend is nothing more than a fiction. In fact, this is another scam created for deception and theft. In order not to be unfounded, let's consider a number of facts that will confirm the unreliability of this organization.

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SS-Investment website

SS Investment. New broker or new scammer? Obvious HYIP.

The SS-Investment website is a rather primitive and uninformative resource. It is designed very illiterately and completely incompetently. The content of the site consists of several stock images, a couple of paragraphs of typical phrases and several statistical graphs with incomprehensible numbers. It was not possible to find any useful information about the company's activities on the site, because the broker did not indicate any specifics.

In addition, according to their data published on the website, it is indicated that the company has been operating since 2011, and during this time it has been able to attract a huge number of customers. However, after checking the domain address, it was possible to find out that the company's website was registered last year, that is, only a few months ago. This means that there can be no talk of any long-term experience.

about the project

However, in order to attract a real flow of clients, the broker decided to indicate on its website a number of advantages that a trader will receive in case of cooperation with the company. These include the following:

  • brokerage services are available for both individuals and legal entities;
  • the company carries out systematic support of its clients by experienced specialists;
  • development of an individual strategy;
  • support of the program both on personal computers and on any mobile platforms;
  • direct access to the most common stock and cryptocurrency markets;
  • bonus programs for regular customers;
  • fresh analytics of the market situation;
  • 4 trading accounts with a minimum deposit of 100 rubles.

In addition, SS-Investment is ready to offer cooperation through a referral system. Each client who brings one or more people to cooperate with the broker will receive a bonus amount for each new trader.

All these advantages, although they look promising, have no real basis.

Legal information and contacts SS-Investment

SS Investment. New broker or new scammer? Obvious HYIP.

Among the contacts, only the address of the office in Moscow and a feedback form are presented. No other data is provided. Therefore, if the client has an urgent need to contact the broker, he simply will not be able to do this.

The legal side is also bad. On the site, only some certificate of incomprehensible purpose is exhibited. But there is no compulsory license. Also, no information is provided about the external regulators that are required to control the brokerage house.

In this case, it turns out that the SS-Investment pseudo-broker works illegally and has no right to engage in investment activities.

Reviews about the company SS-Investment

In order to check the reliability of any company, you need to read customer reviews. This will always help to put together a true picture of a particular organization.

Find reviews about SS Investment was no problem. Former clients of the pseudo-broker, who were not lucky enough to cooperate with him, unanimously claim that this company is ordinary scammers. Many confirm that the platform is not technically developed, the company's managers are rude to customers and are absolutely incompetent, and it is completely impossible to withdraw money.

Results and reviews of SS-Investment

Summing up, it is worth emphasizing the following facts proving the fraudulent structure of SS-Investment:

  • lack of documents authorizing financial activities;
  • template site without specific data;
  • contact details are not provided in full;
  • negative reviews from former clients.

Based on this, it is safe to say that SS-Investment is a typical scam, with the help of which scammers deceive gullible customers and appropriate their money.

SS Investment. New broker or new scammer? Obvious HYIP.

SS Investment. New broker or new scammer? Obvious HYIP.

SS Investment. New broker or new scammer? Obvious HYIP.

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