Excellent Cash Company real reviews

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The company "Excellent cash" offers to take advantage of the best offers.

Cooperation will help you get the right amount of cash in your hands, realize your own plans, and remain satisfied with the deal.

General information
How to search for a project via the Internet:
• "Great cash" - online loans
• "Excellent cash" - a loan on the Internet
• "Excellent cash" - scammers
• "Excellent cash" - review in social networks

• official website: https://www.otlnal.ru/
• phone: 88006007000

Description of the project "Excellent Cash"

Full information about the Excellent Cash project can be found by visiting the official website of the company. The main page contains accessible information about loans.

Tells benefits, gives advice. A microcredit service company allows you to receive cash within 15 minutes after registering a client.

Each user of the Excellent Cash project can count on the promptness of obtaining a loan and receiving funds, confidentiality of the information provided, minimum commission fees, honesty and transparency between the two parties to the transaction.

The operations carried out are safe, protected by special encryption. The activity of the company "Excellent Cash" complies with the norms and requirements of the current legislation.

Excellent Cash Company real reviews

Technical part 

The company has offices in major Russian cities. It has established itself as a reliable companion. To obtain a loan / microcredit, the project developers offer to visit the official website, study the proposals, get answers to your questions.

Today the company operates around the clock, offers to take a loan in any amount. Money is transferred directly to the card or personally issued to the client.

To receive the amount of money, you need to take 3 steps: fill out a questionnaire (you will need an identity document to fill it out), get the approval of the company, determine the method of receiving money and receive it.

The first cooperation with the company promises an interest-free loan. You can calculate the amount of commission using the free calculator posted on the main page of the Excellent Cash company.

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Don't trust the project?

We offer to study the reviews of famous personalities. Most of them are predominantly positive.

Excellent Cash Company real reviews

The essence of the scam from "Great Cash"

The legal project is aimed at replenishing the customer base. The search for users is carried out through social networks and in other ways. The company, by persistent calls and e-mails, convinces citizens to take a microloan.

Promises favorable conditions and deceives like most private microfinance organizations. The main goal of the Excellent Cash MFI is to obtain its own profit at the expense of the problems of its own users.

Before cooperating with the company, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the dubious aspects of the project and draw the appropriate conclusions:
• as a contact phone, the project offers a call center number, which is served by people who are far from economics and finance, consultations are provided in a playful, unprofessional way, if there is no answer, consultants transfer the conversation to other topics
• the project provides information about licenses, but does not advertise scans and copies of documents, official projects do not hide permits, strive for open communication with clients
• commissions in the project are not the smallest, according to clients they are large in comparison with state institutions

MFIs that increase their customer base through social networks do not inspire confidence. Working with such companies is dangerous. The risks of becoming bankrupt are very high.

Excellent Cash Company real reviews


The company quickly issues microcredits. At the same time, the team cheats on commissions. When receiving a large amount of money, it is almost impossible to give money on time along with a commission. As a result, the client gets into bondage. The admin and the developers do not make contact, they threaten.


The company attracts customers with false promises. Cooperation with the project guarantees bankruptcy, psychological breakdown and poverty. Before taking loans, think several times, it might be worth waiting and saving money in another way.

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Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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