Sansara Group investment review and reviews.

Sansara Group is another project from scammers who invest in various minerals. It sounds very tempting, so the immature minds of novice investors can fall for this hype.

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Sansara Group investments

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Company number 12824203 Registered Office Address: 311 Shoreham Street, Sheffield, S.Yorkshire, United Kingdom, S2 4FA

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Technical part:

Sansara Group is a rather interesting investment project that is engaged in mining.

We are assured that investing in commodity markets is very simple, affordable and exciting. It is, but all this fascination and interest is spoiled by fake brokers.

At first glance, it seems that this is not some kind of financial pyramid, since no one promises highly profitable passive results.

Yes, and the site is done quite well, not to say that it’s just super-duper, but much better than other scammers. Apparently, here the scammers really turned around to create a good site for the long term.

To participate in this project, you need to register in your personal account, make a deposit of $100, select a tariff and start your trading activity.

But is it worth giving even a hundred dollars to such a project?

Now let's figure it out.

Sansara Group investment review and reviews.


Fraudsters are very fond of and know how to attract attention. They came up with a sonorous name for their project, without any prefixes “invest”. At least some difference. Yes, the site is not bad, you can figure it out on an intuitive level.

And if we dig deeper, we will find that the project is very young. It does not have a long history, it was created just a few months ago.


Prior to this, the project existed on another domain, which they bought from some company. They wanted to create the appearance of many years of investment experience, but something went wrong here.

They didn't just sit there. That swindler who does not develop his cognitive abilities on scams is bad.

And they are good at it. On a special resource, we saw that the scammers decided to act not on the territory of European countries, but on the CIS countries, as well as Egypt, in general, they decided to deceive those who, it seems to them, are less protected by the authorities.

I wonder what would happen if they decided to deceive the gypsies?

Surprisingly, the project was created not in the UK, as they try to convince us of this, but in Ukraine! The scammers made a mistake - they forgot to change the geolocation in the settings.

Sansara chose the most vile tactic - offered money to bloggers who supposedly really invested in their project. It turns out that bloggers for the sake of money began to advertise such a terrible project.

Sansara Group investment review and reviews.

But this is only on the surface. In fact, there are no investments, people send money not to open accounts. Fraudsters stuff this money into their pockets.

Why do they promise such a small percentage?

Because they create the appearance of work. They pay, but not much, and they pay out of the money that other users have brought.

We have already seen this somewhere. Oh yes, a typical pyramid scheme.

It is compiled very competently: they do not promise much, they provide registration, and if something does not suit you, then remember the risks.

Of course, it is very convenient when you can register in an offshore zone, and then say that there was a collapse. Only in reality the situation in the financial market can be quite different.

Feedback about the project:

Satisfied with the project no. Payments are the smallest through time. Sheer deception.


Sansara is a scam.

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