What is Inivil and can you trust this broker? Overview with reviews

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Attention! The company is suspected of fraud

Finding a smart broker is like a needle in a haystack. Many traders go to financial success through trial and error, stuffing "bumps" in cooperation with scammers. This is confirmed by the reviews of investors on independent resources. Take at least Inivil. According to legend, this broker has been operating since 2018, and more than 200,000 traders have become its clients.

It is difficult to believe in this, since there are no reviews of cooperation with this company either on its own website or on third-party web resources. It seems that the age indicated by the broker is not true and they just want to deceive us. In the review, we will figure out whether it is worth considering "Inivil" a scam.

What We Learned About Inivil: An Overview of Statements and Facts

They tried to stuff the official website inivil.com with numbers in order to convince potential customers of the authenticity of the words. The company not only published a roadmap, which, according to legend, has been underway since 2018, but also posted statistics in the public domain:

  • 210,000 active accounts;
  • more than 150 trading instruments;
  • daily trading turnover of 55 million dollars;
  • over 390,000 transactions.

What is Inivil and can you trust this broker? Overview with reviews

The firm has ambitious plans: in its strategy, Inivil indicates that in 2021 it wants to achieve a trading volume of $100 million and become the most technologically advanced broker. Why, then, about such a “super” office there are no reviews, and neither positive nor negative? It turned out that the answer lies on the surface.

The inivil.com domain was registered in September 2017, but it was updated in October 2020. Most likely, financial scammers bought the site from third parties in order to artificially inflate the age and blur the eyes of naive traders.

According to legend, "Inivil" comes from an offshore zone. Note that there is no open register of legal entities. And the office does not indicate the number of the certificate of registration. Instead, there is data on licenses that were obtained from three regulators at once. This:

  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (document number - 684/26). The audit showed that the office is lying. In fact, Cysec doesn't even know it exists:

What is Inivil and can you trust this broker? Overview with reviews

  • Commission on International Financial Services (09/27/HP/38). In the database of this controller, the hero of our review also did not appear:

What is Inivil and can you trust this broker? Overview with reviews

  • Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Mauritius (F267854961). And this supervisory body did not give permission to Inivil:

What is Inivil and can you trust this broker? Overview with reviews

It turns out that we have another scam that offers services without any legal basis.

Detailed overview of Inivil contact details

Legend has it that Inivil Brokerage is registered in Belize. In the contact details section, the following legal address is indicated: 68 Freetown Rd, Belize City, Belize. Traders are promised personal support 24/7, however, we did not find any reviews confirming the high quality of the support work.

The review showed that the variety of channels for communication is poor:

  • phone: + 501 521 5678;
  • E-mail address: ;
  • callback form.

For some reason, the “high-tech” company has not acquired an online chat and pages on social networks. Fraudsters are not interested in customers sharing their feedback in the community or asking questions directly.

How to register in the company "Inivil"?

There should be no problems with creating a new account on the Inivil platform. The procedure is typical for most brokerage organizations and involves filling out a small questionnaire. It requires you to provide the following information:

  • name and surname;
  • E-mail address;
  • phone number;
  • account password;
  • promo code. 

A prerequisite is to check the boxes to indicate that you accept the rules of the broker's game. Note that the “User Agreement” is drawn up in such a way that you cannot make a claim to the office when it refuses to pay the profit. The document clearly states that Inivil is not financially liable for damages.

Terms of cooperation with Inivil: an overview of account types

You won’t be able to train without risks on the Inivil platform, since a demo account is not provided. It is difficult to deal with trading conditions, since the specifics are at a minimum. Let's review the available accounts:

  • START. The minimum deposit is $1,000. The account provides for leverage of 1:20, instant execution of transactions;
  • STANDART. The starting deposit is $25,000. Of the features: leverage 1:50, trading in cryptocurrencies and metals is available;
  • PRO. You will need at least $50,000 to open such an account. Traders are promised 1:100 leverage, no swaps, PAMM investing, deposit insurance, index and ETF trading.

What is Inivil and can you trust this broker? Overview with reviews

As you can see, the scammers from Inivil do not waste time on trifles. They want to have time to fill their pockets with other people's money before their project is covered with a wave of negative reviews.

Reviews of real Inivil customers: what they write in the responses

Given the meager period of the company's work on the market, there are no real customer reviews yet. We'll try to keep you up to date and add fresh feedback as it becomes available. 

Users who have had experience of cooperation with Inivil, please help with the placement of accents and an independent assessment of this pseudo-broker. Leave your feedback below the article to complement the expert review. 

A detailed overview of the Inivil divorce scheme

In order to scam traders for money with minimal effort, the authors of the Inivil scam project came up with a “single trading platform for CFD trading”. Of course, this author's development is nothing more than manipulated software. Instead of the promised absence of slippages and requotes, fast execution of orders, profitable leverage, you will actually get an instant deposit drain.

The minimum loss in the project is $ 1,000, but scammers will breed for larger amounts. Judging by the reviews on the thematic forums, this is a common occurrence. Of course, professionals will not fall for such a divorce. The scheme of fraud is banal, but it works and is designed for beginners.

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Let's sum up the review of Inivil

If you don't want to lose all your money, stay away from the Inivil crooks. This is a typical scam that operates without any permits and is not going to comply with the requirements of the supervisory authorities. All license numbers are fake! There are no reviews confirming the honesty and reliability of this company and cannot be. Be extremely careful, they try to bribe you with empty promises.

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