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A bold statement posted on the main page of the subject's official website, that the hero of the review is one of the world leaders in trading, does not go well with negative reviews about Mandeville Consultants Limited, which accumulate in Runet. Victims accuse the broker of fraud, lament their hasty decision to contact this scam, and cry out for help on how to withdraw money from Mandeville Consultants, voicing massive financial losses. Despite the flow of negativity, the broker continues to function, attracting new customers. It is logical that the average user who is looking for a simple income from remote work, even after reading a few complaints, is unlikely to believe in the objectivity of negative ratings. Let's take a closer look at the project.

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Information about the broker:

Mandeville Consultants Limited - tech broker or cheap scam?

Judging by the reviews of Mandeville Consultants Limited and the information posted on the resource of the subject of discussion, the service offers portfolio investment in stocks, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, as well as Forex trading. Guaranteed profit must be provided by the curator - the financial expert of the company with many years of trading experience in international markets. Wonderful! Now for the facts:

  1. Rubric among other things, it is mentioned that the service was launched in 2003. As of the current moment (11/19/2021), the hero of the review is about 18 years old. AT from birth.
  2. The "Contacts" section offers communication through a feedback form, gives several left phone numbers, email and legal address, presumably, the headquarters located in London, and also publishes the company's registration number. Check it out: Mandeville Consultants, according to HM Companies House, since January 2005 . However, the legal address is not in London, but in Burnley. Assigning someone else's details to a person.
  3. Having typed in the Google search engine the address that the review hero insists on, we get the following result: this registration (1 Ropemaker Street, London, EC2Y 9AW, Floor 23) appears in the contacts of two proven scammers - Datum Finance Limited and Legal Cost Finance Limited. Moreover, the latter is an exact copy of the person under investigation.
  4. The pseudo-broker does not have licenses. Although it is unlikely that the regulator of Foggy Albion (FCA) would allow the accused to work for 5 years without permits. There is also no license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and, judging by the support of the service in 2 languages - English, Russian, the interests of the supposedly trading platform extend at least to the Russian market. As a maximum - to the entire post-Soviet space.

So, the facts stated above are categorical - we close the fraudulent resource and continue the search. They are on the web. The search will simplify communication with real traders on special forums and chats. Or visiting portals that publish black and white lists of brokerage companies.

How a broker with a very long name cheats

Based on the analysis of reviews about Mandeville Consultants Limited, among which, we repeat, there is not a single positive assessment, the scam breeds in the classic way. Before the user of the Network, as soon as he / she has authorized a personal account and replenished the balance, an active, but fictitious activity is played out - this garbage has no real access to the markets. Therefore, all charts, signals, the growth of numbers on the account are animations and nothing more. But, thanks to the performance, scammers manage to rob unlucky customers like sticky, promising big deals and demanding additional deposits for this. When the victim tries to withdraw money, he is heated for another couple of $ 100 - taxes, commissions, other invented tariffs. And, having received their own, they simply supposedly drain the deposit, but in reality, all the money of traders immediately goes to offshore accounts of swindlers, bypassing, of course, bidding.

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We are sorry if someone, after the evidence presented, is left with the opinion that the negative reviews about Mandeville Consultants are someone's intrigues, and not the objective points of view of real victims. But, as they say, you can't be forced to be nice. In general, the scam could be safely left immediately after it offers algorithmic trading without the participation of the speculator himself. The editors have repeatedly focused the attention of readers that miracle programs, in principle, do not exist. And whoever tries to sell them is a scammer. So beware: Mandeville Consultants Limited is a 100% scam project.

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How to withdraw money from Mandeville Consultants?

If the analysts at Mandeville Consultants helped you drain your money, don't despair. There is a legal way to return them using the international chargeback procedure. For a free consultation, fill out the form below and you will be contacted by our partners - chargeback specialists from fraudulent brokers.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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