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Permanent monitoring of Runet for dubious financial projects revealed a brokerage company WWcoins, which has not yet come to the attention of the editors. Although, judging by the information published on the official website, the organization has been operating since 2009. There are not many reviews about WWcoins on the Web, given the age of the trading platform - 12 years. In addition to the number of ratings, the heterogeneity of opinions is suspicious. Moreover, there are actually no neutral reviews that reveal some technical problems that are solved in the working order, but in general praise the service. In Runet, either a frank positive or a sharp negative is pouring into the hero of the review with the invariable question of how to withdraw money from WWcoins that the broker's clients lost while cooperating with him. Let's figure out which reviews reflect the real picture.

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WWcoins - a scam or a cool brokerage company?

The absence of a unanimous or prevailing opinion in the reviews of WWcoins makes the assessments, whatever they may be, insufficient for a final verdict. Therefore, let's just examine the service of the suspect:

  1. Heading presented in the form of one paragraph and several lines, which recommends that the potential client of the trading platform get to know the beneficiary company of WWcoins in order to know who is trusted with the investment. In particular, it is proposed to find out the goals, the project team, earning mechanisms, see all legal documents, etc. Goals, tools are announced - a traditional guarantee for scammers to make all clients rich through Forex trading, investing in stocks, indices, raw materials. With the rest, the problem is the faces of the project, the team of experts is unknown, only a standard package is presented from the documents (client agreement, KYC / AML policy, etc.), and not translated into Russian, although the service supports this language. All this does not meet the standards of an international brokerage company with 12 years of experience in the market - many important questions remain unanswered.
  2. The beneficiary company is indeed . Registered in May 2009, which matches the information in the footer of the suspect's service. However, the legal address of the organization, which is in the register of the Registration Chamber of Her Majesty (15 Thornhill, Wood Street Chiswick, London, W4 2JN) does not correspond to the registration of the headquarters of the hero of the review, indicated in the section "".
  3. The fact of stealing other people's details proves the real age of the website of the person under investigation, who is far from 12 years old - only a few months old.
  4. The wording "all legal documents" also does not stand up to scrutiny. In the corresponding tab, there is no FCA license (UK regulator) and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Suppose an application for accreditation at the Central Bank of the Federation is being processed, as the authors of some reviews write about this, blaming supposedly insider information. But the FCA license must be? England is not Russia - there, without the appropriate documentation, not only 12 years, but you won’t work a day.

Based on the collected facts, we can recommend the following - you should forget about this project and continue to search for truly reliable brokers, of which there are many on the World Wide Web.

How a broker breeds

Based on the analysis of real reviews about WWcoins, which no longer raise doubts about their objectivity, after registering a personal account in this dump, a potential victim falls under the influence of an expert assigned to her. The latter, with the help of eloquence and a trading terminal of its own design, which the pseudo-broker did not forget about , rips off the victim like sticky - draws the results of fake active trading on the balance of a gullible client and constantly requires replenishment of the account to participate in supposedly large 100% profitable transactions. And when a user tries to withdraw funds, his account is simply blocked, having previously ripped off an additional pair, another hundreds in hard currency to pay mythical fines, taxes, commissions.  

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Accused of fraud - a very mediocre service that frankly falls short of the status of an international trading platform. The negative reviews about WWcoins are objective, which is confirmed by the facts collected during the analysis of the scam project service. Pseudo-broker caught lying, stealing and then misappropriating other people's details, in fact, anonymity. Be vigilant: WWcoins is a 100% scam.  

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How to get money back from WWcoins?

If WWcoins analysts helped you drain your money, don't despair. There is a legal way to return them using the international chargeback procedure. For a free consultation, fill out the form below and you will be contacted by our partners - chargeback specialists from fraudulent brokers.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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