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Dalefox Limited is another absolutely template pseudo-broker that talks a lot about itself, but in reality it is nothing more than a scam.

Dalefox Limited is part of a massive fraudulent scheme. The crooks have created at least a dozen of the same type of sites, each of which is supposedly a proven and reliable broker. But these are all similar projects hosted on almost the same sites, with the same design and text content. The scammers simply see which project succeeds and then invest the most in it. While Dalefox Limited frankly does not belong to the category of those who fired.

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Dalefox Limited - what is this project

As mentioned above, Dalefox Limited is a completely template project. Therefore, his description is the same as that of his many brethren.

We are again forced to read some nonsense about how in October 2004 a certain group of professional traders who stood at the origins of Dalefox Limited launched their first online trading service under the Dalefox brand. These nameless traders believed very strongly in their success, which led them through all the difficulties to realize their vision.

Apparently, this vision is to leave naive newcomers penniless. All the stories that Dalefox Limited is a really reliable and trusted broker that pays special attention to the safety of clients' funds are complete nonsense that has nothing to do with the real state of affairs.

As for trading conditions, Dalefox Limited belongs to the category of projects where there are no trading accounts. There is only so-called portfolio investment. We are offered several ready-made investment packages, in which all sorts of profitable shares and other instruments. We only need to invest money and wait for the promised profit. Which, by the way, won't happen.

Dalefox Limited Reviews and Review - Broker dalefoxlimited.com - Seoseed.ru

+44 1618183220

+65 31592092

Contact information is absolutely identical to that found on other projects of this series of scams. Two phones, one of which is (British) openly leftist, a legal address that does not specifically belong to this project, and an e-mail. Nothing new.

Customer reviews and complaints

Dalefox Limited is just starting its activity, and therefore there are frankly few reviews on it. There are a few custom comments, but in no case should they be taken seriously. There is also negativity.

Dalefox Limited Reviews and Review - Broker dalefoxlimited.com - Seoseed.ru

Dalefox Limited is hosted on a cheap and template site.

Only beginners can believe that a reliable and proven broker can really be located on such a site.

Legal information is presented in the form of the registration number of Dalefox Limited. It should be noted that scammers traditionally stole someone else's name for themselves. The real Dalefox Limited was registered back in 2004 and, of course, has nothing to do with this project. Actually, as well as to brokerage services.

And it predictably does not have a license that would allow Dalefox Limited to conduct the activities that it does here.

Dalefox Limited Reviews and Review - Broker dalefoxlimited.com - Seoseed.ru

Dalefox Limited - money scam

Dalefox Limited uses a template method of divorce for money. It creates the appearance of real activity, but in reality it steals funds.

If the client wants to withdraw money before it is drained, the broker will prohibit doing so or demand more money.

Dalefox Limited is a dangerous, albeit formulaic, scam. This is not a broker, stop believing in fairy tales. This project exists only to breed newcomers for a lot of money.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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