Overview of the fraudulent project Alphafx24.com and feedback from former clients about it.

This is a trading platform that, according to its creators, provides services for traders and investors. The company offers traders and investors to invest in stocks on the Forex platform and cryptocurrency. Among other things, the client of the company can trade not only using a personal computer, but also his mobile device.

Do not rush to invest in the fraudulent organization Alphafx24.com, as the reviews about it on the Internet are negative. You invest your money in this dubious organization at your own peril and risk. There is a high probability that you will lose your money, which is what the reviews about the company tell us.

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Review of the fraudulent organization

Overview of the fraudulent project Alphafx24.com and feedback from former clients about it.

The company provides trading tools for working on the financial market. However, you must be careful not to buy the wrong tools, as this will only lead to negative results. Scammers also claim the most modern developments for trading and investment, but as a result you get only a negative result.

Overview of the fraudulent project Alphafx24.com and feedback from former clients about it.

Fraudsters from AlphaFX24 do not distribute data about the algorithm for making money, as evidenced by numerous negative reviews from former clients. The scammers recognize the fact that there is no such thing in the financial market as a constant return for a trader or investor. At the moment of trading, you can go negative, and this cannot be calculated in advance, but the trader has the ability to control his risks. Stop loss will help you with this. The same tool also helps with sudden changes in the financial market. Thus, risks can be managed and such measures are effective.

Swindlers do not provide transparency of their activities. This is a truly anonymous dump, as the names and surnames of the creators and developers of the project are hidden from prying eyes. There is no information about the qualifications of the creators of the project. This is very important, because we have to cooperate with them. Also, how can you trust the trading signals of people who have no idea how the financial market works. These scammers created not one such one-day company, but several at once, and as soon as the number of reviews on the Internet about AlphaFX24 on the Internet reaches the maximum, they will simply close it.

How does the brokerage company alphafx24.com operate?

The company of fraudsters does not have any well-thought-out style of work in the financial market. The developers of the project assure their users that they have experience in this area for about seven years. All their work in the financial market is covered with a veil of secrecy. The creators of the project put up several red flags at once, and it is more than stupid to expect any differentiated attitude from it.

Overview of the fraudulent project Alphafx24.com and feedback from former clients about it.

Among other things, there is no evidence that trading is carried out on a fraudulent platform at all. The creators of the project do not provide any evidence that transactions are made on the financial market on their platform. It is up to you whether to cooperate with this brokerage organization.

This brokerage organization is only interested in the funds of the investor and trader. Fraudsters on their platform talk about profitability, which is simply not realistic to get even on more advanced brokerage sites. Fraudsters provide bonuses on the first deposit up to one hundred percent. It is worth noting that such "gifts" of scammers must be worked out, which is impossible to do. For this reason, all such promotions are prohibited by all financial market regulators. Fraudsters are trying their best to force a trader or investor to make a large initial deposit, which, it is worth noting, will definitely fail on a fraudulent platform. Eventually, the scammers will block you from accessing your account.

Security of funds on a fraudulent platform

The company of scammers will not ensure the safety of the funds invested in their office. In addition, choosing a broker company for cooperation is just necessary for security reasons. The investment company uncovers several fraudulent schemes. AlphaFX24 has a huge number of negative reviews, which leads to thoughts that it is impossible to cooperate with this company.

In addition, your personal information may fall into the hands of fraudsters through the AlphaFX24 platform. This company makes a profit only to the creators of this project on the Internet. There is no evidence of fast transactions made by traders or investors on the scam platform. There is simply no virtual account to get acquainted with the work of the platform. With such an attitude to business, you simply will not be able to use the necessary tools to work in the financial market. The company does not have banking information that would confirm that your funds are safe. For this reason, all funds are stored in the personal accounts of the creators of the project, which means that you will never see the invested money again.


We strongly do not recommend the AlphaFX24 brokerage company for cooperation, as there are a lot of negative reviews about it on the Internet. The invested funds of traders and investors end up in the pockets of the creators and developers of this false project. You will never see money again. Trading on the platform of fraudsters is not carried out, but only imitation of trading is carried out, which leads to the drain of the entire deposit in a matter of hours.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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