How to lose on the stock exchange? Is there a correct algorithm?

				How to lose on the stock exchange? Is there a correct algorithm?

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If you want to make working on the exchange a stable means of making a profit, you need not only knowledge about the mechanisms of trading, but also the constancy of your efforts. A serious amount cannot be earned easily and quickly.

From the very beginning, you need to think in the long term

And don't quit, even if you're tired or temporarily frustrated. To achieve consistency in working with the exchange, there are several methods - the use of algorithms in trading, as well as the establishment of passive income.

  • And perhaps both. For example, you can sometimes review your assets according to predetermined principles - perhaps according to a technical indicator calculated as the ratio or difference between the current price and the price of N periods ago. The main plus is that it does not require prohibitive efforts or a lot of time.

However, if you constantly follow updates, track reports, view the terminal every day, you can get tired and burn out very quickly. But the benefit, in turn, from such an approach is obvious.

I will also note the non-obvious - even from a trading algorithm that is clearly established, you also get tired. But with proper automation, the likelihood of burnout is still less.

Therefore, in conclusion, I will say: you should not chase after a one-time profit and monitor only the most profitable stocks of the current moment. It is better to create mechanisms that work for a long time - for example, mechanisms for searching for the same stocks.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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