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Attention! The company is suspected of fraud

The second-rate scam is the product of the immoderate appetites of a gang of scammers who have already riveted a dozen of these scams and can’t stop. Breeders only need money, which means they are ready to do anything. Fraud with licenses, obvious inconsistencies in internal documentation, psychological pressure and even threats are just a small part of BlackRock Plus' tricks. How far are manipulators willing to go? This is what we have to figure out.

What is the office “” hiding?

According to legend, the heroes of today's review have been trading since 2018 and have already managed to seduce over 400,000 people who resignedly listen to the advice of miracle analysts and make about a million successful transactions a day. At the same time, there are only a couple of reviews about the office on the Web. Negative ones, of course. forex broker review and customer reviews

The domain has been operating since January 15, 2021. Consequently, the swindlers of "" brazenly lie about their impressive experience. forex broker review and customer reviews

The rights of the unfortunate are completely forgotten here. Where is at least one document warning victims of the risks and possible losses? Why is there not even a banal “Privacy Policy” on the resource? 

When creating an account, the thieves will offer to accept the terms of the “User Agreement”. It is in it that you will find a lot of interesting points. 

Firstly, for some reason, the scammers propose to resolve all disputes based on the legislative framework of the Republic of Vanuatu. And this despite the fact that their company is allegedly located in the UK. And secondly, scammers do not bear any responsibility ... at all. Not for the data provided, nor for damages incurred as a result of using their own platform. forex broker review and customer reviews forex broker review and customer reviews

But the charlatans obviously went too far with licenses. The office is allegedly controlled by the holding BLACKROCK INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT (UK) LIMITED, registered in the United Kingdom: 12 Throgmorton Avenue, London, EC2N 2DL. Yes, there is indeed information about such a corporation in the open register of legal entities, but it has nothing to do with BlackRock Plus. forex broker review and customer reviews

The aforementioned organization specializing in financial intermediation was registered already in 1986. The real BlackRock is located at a different address ( and, as you can see, there are no “pluses” in its name. forex broker review and customer reviews

Scammers are covered by certificates issued by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (536/12), the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) (62/88/26/63) and the Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Mauritius (C549889636). forex broker review and customer reviews forex broker review and customer reviews forex broker review and customer reviews

No regulator has information about Simply put, we are dealing with a ghost broker, whose admins did not think of acquiring at least fake papers. 

Overview of commercial offers

Complete security, a simple account opening procedure, spreads from 0 pips are a typical set of advantages of such cheaters. Here are just the reviews of ex-clients indicate the opposite. “” is by no means a goldmine, but a second-rate scam that will “deflate” in a couple of months. forex broker review and customer reviews

On the site you will find information about 3 types of accounts - “Start”, “Optimal”, “Premium”. You need to invest in the project at least $150. At the same time, you will receive a very meager list of privileges: leverage of 1:500, instant execution, cryptocurrency trading and deposit insurance. forex broker review and customer reviews

Available assets:

  • currencies;
  • metals;
  • stock;
  • goods;
  • indices;
  • cryptocurrencies. 

Reviews about the office ""

The scammers decided not to waste their budget on laudatory reviews and an active PR campaign, so the anonymous scammer is still grazing the backs and survives only at the expense of the especially naive, who themselves run into the arms of crooks. It is they who then ring the bells, flooding the forums with negative reviews. forex broker review and customer reviews

Scheme of the “” scam

The scammers stick to a plan that works flawlessly. Scammers seek out their victims on thematic forums and dating sites. Then they begin to gradually recruit them, peddling nonsense about wealth and inexhaustible cash flows.

You invest, trade (quite successfully, because the crooks completely control the platform) and at first you even get some pennies. But the attraction of unheard of generosity was invented only in order to get more out of you. The kindness of the throw will end when you say that there is no money. After such a statement, the smiles on the faces of managers will disappear, and the account will be instantly blocked. 

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Summing up the review

“” is a fake office designed for freebie lovers and those who still believe in fairy tales about free cheese. Wake up, nothing just happens, and the reviews of ex-investors once again confirm this simple truth. Better bypass and think a million times before investing your hard-earned money somewhere!  

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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