Ecofarm Sytnik reviews

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Eco-farm Sytnik is a small family eco-farm, created in a secluded corner of the Shakhovsky district, one of the most ecologically clean corners in the north-west of the Moscow region. She offers us profitable investments.

This farm already exists, has its own production, and so on. At the same time, it is clear that they are trying to convince us to invest in its development, that is, in projects that do not yet exist.

And this is, accordingly, increased risks. It cannot be said that the eco-farm Sytnik is a pseudo-investment platform, because it is not. Nevertheless, cooperation with it must be approached as carefully as possible.

And if we take into account what they offer us, then it is impossible to recommend this option for investing your money.

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  1. Eco-farm Sytnik - project overview
  2. Company verification
  3. Eco-farm Sytnik – there are serious risks
  4. Verdict

Eco-farm Sytnik - project overview

The site is large, detailed, with a significant amount of information. At the same time, it must be said that it is quite cheap, and also designed in a minimalist style. So, the site cannot be specifically attributed to the advantages of this company.

The site also failed to find legal information.

It is reported that the eco-farm was created by the Sytnik brothers, but what they represent from a legal point of view is not clear. If the company has documents, then for some reason they are not shown to us.

It is known that the project has been present in the network for about two years. This time was not enough to acquire a significant number of reviews.

At the moment there are quite a few of them. Mostly reviews are positive, but you need to take into account the fact that they can be custom-made. There is also a negative. Claims are high risks, which we will talk about later.

Ecofarm Sytnik reviews

[email protected]

The farm is located at a distance of about 130 km from Moscow. By car, drive along the Novorizhskoye highway for about 1.5 hours from the Moscow Ring Road. There is also a phone number.

Please note the email address provided.

Who owns this mail?

Shouldn't it be corporate, that is, have a connection with the company even by its name? It turns out it's not necessary. Doubtful moment.

Contact is made relatively quickly. However, you will need to wait a bit. This suggests that there is no support service here.

Company verification

Peasant farm Sytnik is our small family eco-farm, created in a secluded corner of the Shakhovsky district, one of the most ecologically clean corners in the north-west of the Moscow region.

The peasant economy was created by the Sytnikov brothers,

simple Russian family men who wanted to cultivate the land, grow organic and healthy vegetables and fruits, breed animals and birds, and feed their children, wives and parents with all this, refusing once and for all from urban semi-finished products.

Ecofarm Sytnik reviews

Eco-farm Sytnik – there are serious risks

There are two investment programs. We can invest money at interest, or invest in farming. In the first case, we are promised up to 17% per annum, in the second - up to 100 percent, due to the fact that we earn on the sale of finished products.

What are the risks of this project?

  1. First, we do not see any documents. The Sytnik brothers are probably good, but it would be better to know who we are dealing with from a legal point of view.
  2. Secondly, we are promised up to 100% of profit, which in itself raises very serious doubts.

And if sales do not go, what will be the income, 1 percent?

There is also no financial reporting, it is not clear what guarantees we are provided here. In general, some questions.


It is not recommended to contact the eco-farm Sytnik. There are serious risks that should not be ignored.

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