Scammers on dating sites: divorce schemes of marriage scammers

Swindlers have taken a fancy to dating sites for scrolling fraudulent schemes. The number of such resources in the network allows you to roam. Unsuspecting lonely seekers of love are in for a big disappointment if they fall into the clutches of crooks, and the likelihood of such an outcome is quite high. What schemes are used by scammers to deceive those who are trying to find their soul mate? Read the article and you will find out! In addition, we will tell you how not to fall into the trap of scammers.

Divorce schemes on dating sites

On the Internet, a huge number of scammers divorced, who have one goal - to cash in on gullible citizens. Most of all they are operating on dating sites. Finding a victim here is not difficult, especially since lonely people in search of love lose their vigilance when a potential soulmate “rolls up” to them. We want to help users of dating sites avoid the trap of scammers, so we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rating of scammers who profit from lonely hearts. We have compiled a kind of black list in which we placed swindlers, ranging from those who steal in a small way, ending with the most arrogant and greedy breeders.

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petty charlatans

The category "Petty charlatans" is made up mainly of women who are looking for wealthy men. Please note that men can be hiding behind the images of beautiful charmers - they create fake accounts with photos of beauties and swindle those who peck at the setup for money. This scam is not intended to enrich the organizer on a large scale, in this case it is a small profit: gifts, replenishment of the account on a mobile phone, and seekers of easy money often borrow money from unsuspecting lovers. Naturally, we are not talking about the return of the debt.

Scammers on dating sites: divorce schemes of marriage scammers

Men often resort to such fraud. This is a kind of online gigolos who post beautiful male photos on their pages and swindle wealthy women for money. The purpose of divorce is the same: to receive expensive gifts, to extort small amounts of money under various pretexts.

Fake pages and robots

This divorce scheme is also tied to beauty. Scammers create fake pages with photos of beautiful young people. It can be both female and male profiles. Behind the images of beauties and beauties lies a robot, it is he who answers the messages. It is easy enough to make sure that there is a robot on the other side of the screen, you need to ask the same question a couple of times, as a rule, the answer comes to each question.

Correspondence with a robot most often does not last long, at this stage scammers try to ingratiate themselves with a potential victim in order to pull off the main scam. The scammers, hiding behind the images of young people, offer the hooked candidate to chat on another site, arguing that it is more convenient. Of course, you will have to pay for the transition to this resource. Money, of course, will fall into the pocket of scammers. Often, this is where the scam ends, but sometimes advertising mailings that contain malicious viruses come from a fake page. Once on the computer, they can disrupt the system or, worse, give crooks the opportunity to gain access to the victim's personal account on the Internet bank.

Scammers on dating sites: divorce schemes of marriage scammers

Divorce in a big way

In the category of “large breeders”, we have included those scammers who spend a lot of time processing potential victims, but they also have a bigger jackpot. The attention of such crooks is attracted by women over 30 who really want to get married and are afraid that they will never be able to arrange their personal happiness. The scam itself with pumping money can unfold according to different scenarios.

Scenario #1

A handsome foreigner begins to write to a potential victim, who falls more and more in love with her every day. The victim, of course, also begins to experience feelings, especially since scammers know which points to press so that a woman over 30 loses her head. An ardent lover invites the victim to meet on his territory, and she can buy a ticket on a special website. Needless to say that it is fake, and the money for the ticket goes straight to the pocket of scammers.

Scenario #2

The protagonist of the second scenario is also a foreign fiance who ingratiates himself with a woman who has practically lost hope of getting married. Naturally, the foreigner's page is run by scammers, and the photos on it are fake. A potential groom treats a potential victim for a long time, and when she falls head over heels in love with him, she offers to meet. This time, the groom himself is ready to come, and he even buys a ticket for himself and leaves, and then something bad happens to him on the way, for example, his wallet was stolen, and he asks his beloved to send money. Of course, he promises to return every penny as soon as he gets to her.

Scammers on dating sites: divorce schemes of marriage scammers

Scenario #3

Again, a potential groom from abroad comes into play, who appears in the form of a generous handsome man, ready to give gifts to women. And so this hero sends a valuable gift to the victim, forgetting for some reason to pay a fee for its shipment, without which the transport company will not deliver it. A woman trustingly pays the required amount, and then finds out that she was deceived.

Scenario #4

Especially arrogant “suitors” manipulate the victims in love, telling tales that they are very ill and a large amount of money is needed for treatment. The potential victim hurries to help and sends the necessary amount, after which the “groom” temporarily disappears - he allegedly got worse, sometimes a scenario is played out with falling into a coma. Then the “sick” person appears and again pitifully asks his beloved for at least some money.

Brazen blackmailers

In this category, scammers extort money through blackmail. They choose a victim, fall in love with them, and then ask them to send anonymous photos or videos. Having received what they want, the scammers begin to threaten the victim that they will put it all on the network or send it to friends, acquaintances, employees, and so on. To prevent this from happening, the victim must pay money.

Divorce offline

Often, scammers transfer online dating to offline, offering the victim to meet. Both women and men can act as victims. If representatives of the weaker sex act as swindlers, then they breed men for trips to restaurants, shops, where the victim pays for everything. Often, scammers use clonidine or similar drugs to rob a man.

Scammers on dating sites: divorce schemes of marriage scammers

If the swindler is a man, then the following surprises can be expected for the female victim:

  • she can be left alone in an expensive restaurant with an unpaid bill;
  • she can get drunk or sprinkled with clonidine in order to steal or take compromising photos for subsequent blackmail.

What to do in order not to fall for the bait of a bred, trading on dating sites? We offer to carefully check potential brides and grooms, so we have prepared for you a list of points for diagnosing the personality of possible soul mates.

Diagnosis of potential brides and grooms

First of all, you need to compare the photo on the page with a photo of a real person. This can be done by passing the photo through the Yandex or Google search engine, it may be stock. You can also ask the page owner to send a real photo with some kind of gesture or object.

To quickly check a potential lover or sweetheart, just ask for video communication. If a person refuses, then it's time to go to the forum, which contains lists of marriage scammers with photos. Of course, crooks change work avatars, but not all and not always. There is a great chance to get on a lazy scammer.

Scammers on dating sites: divorce schemes of marriage scammers

If a potential soulmate actively writes out gorgeous love letters, it is worth checking his masterpieces for plagiarism. As assistants, we recommend such services as,, If suspicions of plagiarism are not justified, you should not deceive yourself too much, perhaps the swindler really has a writing talent. In this case, we move on to the next check point: you need to create a second account and start writing from it, asking tricky questions.

Of course, such a diagnosis is not 100% protection against falling into the clutches of crooks, but it can still reduce the risk. What else can protect you from scammers? Common sense! Do not go on about your emotions, be reasonable and unshakable. Fraudsters can play a long game, it is important for you not to get involved in it and understand that if everything goes too perfectly, then there may be a catch.

There were, are and will be scammers, but this does not mean that there are no normal people on dating sites who are really looking for their love. They exist, and the vast majority of them, just in the pursuit of happiness, you should not lose your vigilance.

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