WWCoins is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

In today's review, we will analyze WWCoins, which positions itself as a reliable broker with a 4-year history, millions of turnovers and a huge selection of trading instruments. They provide a large number of licenses, many benefits, including a convenient platform and support. It remains only to make sure that all this is true.

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WWCoins. General information

Broker's main website:


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Whois score:

WWCoins reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

Heavy as a mammoth and primitive as a ciliate slipper, the WWCoins website did not inspire any confidence in us. Low-quality design, standard content, stock and other people's photos, poor adaptability - all this has little to do with reputable companies. In addition, access to the resource is blocked by Roskomnadzor.

WWCoins reviews scam

An independent service estimated all this disgrace at a completely fair amount.

WWCoins reviews scam
Site rating

The main page of the site is represented by the following sections:

  • menu (market overview, trading conditions, about the company, contacts, choice of page display language, login/registration buttons);
  • a slider with the main advantages and a “start trading” button;
  • arguments in favor of WWCoins;
  • latest economic news;
  • additional benefits;
  • Getting Started Guide;
  • account information.

The footer contains information about the place of registration of the company, email address, licenses. Our friends didn't even bother to copy someone's user agreement. So let's analyze what we have.

Expertise of legal information, WWCoins licenses

In the "About the Company" section, WWCoins refers to all sorts of big-name regulators, claiming to be licensed by them.

WWCoins reviews scam

However, a simple check on some of them showed that this information is a complete lie.

WWCoins reviews scam
UK License
WWCoins reviews scam
License Cyprus
WWCoins reviews scam
License Australia

We did not check the presence of our friends with all the regulators they indicated, because even the information we found is more than enough to prove that we are facing a typical scam.

But our friends modestly kept silent about the main regulator of Russia, which gives the right to work with clients from the Russian Federation and the CIS. We checked their presence in the database of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on our own and got the expected result.

WWCoins reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

In the same section, the company provides a scanned copy of the license of the Vanuatu regulator - the famous offshore zone and "tax haven" for many brokers, including all kinds of one-day scammers and scammers. However, experienced traders know that the license of this state does not give any guarantee of the reliability of the broker. The document plays, rather, an advertising role, allowing its owner to shake it in front of the noses of customers who immediately go to register.

But an important indicator of the reliability of a broker is his experience in the market. In the company's statistics, WWCoins publish information that they have been operating for 4 years, have 90 million dollars of daily turnover and 190,000 trading accounts. You have already seen similar statistics in our reviews on binarybets.ru. Moreover, the guys even made up a "plausible" legend about the path of their success.

WWCoins reviews scam

WWCoins reviews scam

However, all this is broken into pieces after a single check on the Whois service (see the very first screen). Despite the fact that our friends bought a domain with experience. Initially, it contained a project that was not related to trading, and in 2018 it was generally put up for sale.

WWCoins reviews scam

WWCoins reviews scam
Web archive

It turns out that the monitored office appeared no earlier than September 2021, as the service indicates.

Another point is a completely fake address.

WWCoins reviews scam

Such a place on planet Earth simply does not exist.

WWCoins reviews scam
Google Maps

This is precisely the explanation for the lack of licenses. No one will license an offshore sharaga, whatever you call it. And at least what beautiful stories about her do not compose.

Features of the work of the company WWCoins. Tools and conditions for traders

The company has prepared the best earning opportunities for its clients:

  • high-tech platform of our own design;
  • 200+ tools for trading in the financial market;
  • instant registration;
  • stop limit/stop loss;
  • instant confirmation of transactions;
  • support for 7 languages;
  • 24/7 technical support;
  • saving the history of trading operations;
  • calculator and analytics.

To start trading, you need to go through a quick, simple registration, choose a deposit package and fund your trading account.

There are three types of accounts for traders to choose from, with a minimum threshold of $150. At the same time, you will also receive a minimum set of services with a leverage of 1:100. To expand your capabilities, you need to deposit from 1000 to 10000 USD on the platform.

WWCoins reviews scam WWCoins reviews scam WWCoins reviews scam

However, we would not invest even a ruble in this office. Our opinion is confirmed by the information published in the next section.

Real customer reviews of WWCoins

Despite the fact that the WWCoins office claims 4 years of experience and mind-blowing turnover, we were unable to find a large number of real reviews about its activities. However, what we saw was enough to conclude that we have a typical bubble collector.

WWCoins reviews scam

If you have become victims of WWCoins scams, leave comments below this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Scheme of deceiving WWCoins users

Due to the small number of real reviews, it is difficult to say exactly how the reviewed comrades “work”. But, based on what we learned as part of the analysis of their official data, we can say that the algorithm of their actions is not much different from other similar projects. They search for you on thematic sites and social networks, conduct cold calls or SPAM mailings and instant messengers. The content of the messages has approximately the same main idea: “loot button”, “successful success”, “easy money on a full machine”, etc.

There are many who want to peck at such a lure. They are offered a simple registration and then brainwashed into making their first deposit.

But after your money gets into their account, you can safely say goodbye to them. You can be banned immediately, or you can play like a cat with its prey, breeding for additional insurance, commissions, non-existent services.


The WWCoins project contains the following signs of fraud:

  • lack of registration, licenses;
  • bringing false information about regulation, experience, achievements, history of development;
  • poor site quality
  • the presence of negative reviews;
  • short period of existence.

All of these are reasons that should stop you from spending money thoughtlessly. After all, WWCoins is a classic scam that has no documents, no reputation, no conscience.

If you have become a victim of WWCoins or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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