Moneyget Trade real reviews about the FRAUD!!!

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Moneyget Trade - a brokerage project that is gaining popularity has intrigued by profitable offers.

Newbies and advanced traders liked the unique conditions. If they are true, financial independence awaits everyone.

General information
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Project description

Acquaintance with the official site confirms the youth of the project. At the same time, its developers claim that Moneyget Trade was created a long time ago, the work was carried out for several years.

Today's offerings are presented by the simplicity of operation and the uniqueness of the innovative platform. Operations are carried out quickly, without delays, the number of orders depends directly on Moneyget Trade participants.

The project is designed for Russian-speaking users. News information needs to be improved. The broker offers a wide range of financial instruments, cooperation with well-known payment systems, security of transactions and confidentiality of the information received.

The company aims to maximize the involvement of newcomers, is interested in replenishing the customer base. Welcomes the legality of activities and transparency of cooperation.

Moneyget Trade real reviews about the FRAUD!!!

Technical part of Moneyget Trade

The project makes a huge number of proposals. It offers to make money on trust management, through its own trading and in other ways.

The main page is not very informative. Loaded with benefits. Basic conditions are not available to ordinary users.

The company offers to go through authorization and open an account. The form of authorization and opening an account is complex, it involves entering a huge amount of personal data.

The project is incomprehensible and muddy. It is not known why the company requires the provision of confidential information and how it disposes of it in the future. It is possible that the data is obtained for the purpose of intrusive mailing.

Pros recommend staying alert with the company. Without careful study of the terms of the user agreement, cooperation becomes dangerous.

Moneyget Trade real reviews about the FRAUD!!!

The essence of divorce

It is not difficult to make sure that the user project is divorced. A careful study of the information will allow you to find pitfalls without experience in the financial market.

The main signs of a scam, deception of its own participants are as follows. Scammers are subtle psychologists.

They attract participants from social networks with profitable offers that turn out to be mythical. Persistent letters and calls make people interested in the project. Bright prospects fail after the first replenishment of the account.

The office operates under a pirate flag. Hides contact phone numbers and legal address. The lack of a license to conduct financial activities deprives participants of legal protection.

According to preliminary information, the pseudo company is registered in Estonia and has several twin projects, trying to work in several directions.

The audit of the company showed that the project is mythical, not real, in reality it does not exist. The domain is paid for a year, which indicates short-term cooperation and future fraud.

A small company of hackers seeks to capitalize on newcomers by quickly draining money into offshore accounts. Participation in the project is dangerous for traders with different experience in the financial markets. The risk of losing money is very high.

Moneyget Trade real reviews about the FRAUD!!!

Reviews about MoneygetTrade

The company is counting on gullible newcomers. Actively engaged in the search for victims in social networks. The company lures with profitable offers, forces to replenish the account and quickly throws its own participants.

Account blocking is carried out after the first replenishment of the account. It is impossible to return the money, to defend your own rights. Communication with the admin is lost forever.


The scam project was created for the purpose of own profit. Professional traders recommend forgetting about the project forever. Otherwise, monetary problems will haunt a long period.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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