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The company we are going to talk about today is one of those whose activities are equated with fraud, due to the huge amount of lies, empty promises, and the lack of any opportunity to make a profit. There are already quite a few reviews on the website, but the hero of today's article has broken all records in terms of the number of scams carried out in a fairly short period of time, because the brokerage service we will talk about today, namely LUXINVESTMENT, has been in operation since 2020.    

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Company contacts LUXINVESTMENT

It is quite difficult to find at least some useful information on the site provided by the company, not to mention contact details, the office did not even think about this when creating its web resource, so it is unrealistic to contact this project directly.

Website review luxinvestment.coThe presented site at first glance betrays its cheapness, not the quality and not the professionalism of this project. Firstly, it is worth noting its weak visual part, which is not the most convenient and understandable interface, the lack of translation, as well as a cheap template with a number of blank fields. Secondly, with regard to information content, in this regard, the office also cannot boast, since it does not have any specifics and it is simply impossible to find out in detail about all its trading offers.   

LUXINVESTMENT broker conditions

From the data that is available on the company's website, it is possible to squeeze out only the following provisions:

  • access to the most popular and requested markets: stocks, cryptocurrencies, Forex market, as well as raw materials;
  • round-the-clock customer support by the best specialists in the field;
  • the company provides users with trading services for both beginners and already professional traders;
  • the absence of any hidden points in the formation of the commission;
  • in total, the company provides 3 trading accounts: Basic, Standard, and Advanced, the minimum investment amount is 250 $;
  • availability of fixed spreads;
  • the ability to use debit and credit cards to withdraw funds;
  • access to the trading platform is possible both through a stationary computer and through a mobile device;
  • clients are guaranteed 100% confidentiality in the execution of any trading operations. LUXINVESTMENT



Despite the beautiful promises and guarantees of the company, its real actions only confirm that LUXINVESTMENT is a scammer and a scam.

Firstly, this project absolutely does not contribute to the profit of its clients in any way and this is due to the fact that the primary goal of the broker is to fill his own pockets and he does this thanks to the contributions of his naive and gullible users who believe in a promising future and invest in him, while at the same time financing this fraudster and supporting all his machinations.

Secondly, it is worth mentioning company reviews LUXINVESTMENT, or more precisely, their character, since they are all written in a rather negative way, which only confirms the doubts regarding the mentioned office.

In their responses, users complain about constant technical problems with the trading platform, the lack of effective trading tools, the most unprepared employees of the office, consisting of traders and supposedly market analysts. All of these complaints are quite solid and repeated over and over again by other traders on other feedback platforms, so they are pretty hard to ignore.      


How to withdraw money from LUXINVESTMENT

What has already been mentioned by us earlier, the office LUXINVESTMENT does not withdraw money, that is, it does not fulfill its main function as a brokerage service, which is why cooperation with it is not the most successful and even more profitable solution.             


The LUXINVESTMENT brokerage platform is a vivid example for those companies that quite beautifully talk about themselves as really high-quality and professional platforms, but when everything comes to the real process, it turns out that they trade in dummies, extorting tidy sums from users for them and securing such transactions with additional the promise of golden mountains and not real prospects. Given all this, we strongly advise against contacting LUXINVESTMENT, because the consequences are very dire.


Possibility withdraw money with "LUX INVESTMENT" not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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