Moneyget - real reviews about the platform

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Moneyget is trading in the field of pleasure. It is with such slogans that we are greeted by another project that offers us to increase our capital through trading on the stock exchange. Of course, this offer may be of interest to each user. Since trading is quite a profitable topic. But subject to many rules. And if we are talking about Moneyget, then the only place where there will be trade is only within the project itself. But not on a real exchange. And today in the review we will analyze in great detail why you should avoid this project and not invest money here.

Project legend

We work in 12/5 mode. Investing has a highly professional customer service. Trading on your own allows you to fully concentrate on the trading that takes place in the market, on your reactions and frees you from worrying about the trading group if it cooperates with it. There is no proper description here.

All that is present here is only the advantages of the broker. Moreover, such advantages can be easily found on absolutely any project that is dedicated to the topic of trading. It is not clear who created the company, to whom it belongs, and in what year it began to provide brokerage services. However, the true age of any project can be easily found out using the domain registration date.

Moneyget - real reviews about the platform

And as we can see that Moneyget has been working relatively recently. however, at the same time, it is trying to position itself as almost the best broker in the world. The site is a typical mediocre creation. A kilometer away you can see that the site was created on the knee.

That is in a couple of hours. It is completely formulaic and not very informative. Of course, the admins tried to create a more or less high-quality resource. But for this they need quite a lot of money.

Contact details:
[email protected] trade

Project overview

You can say that Moneyget does not have contact information. All that is here on the site is just an email address. And then most likely this is a regular set of letters. Of course, on this project, the admins are not going to answer you. Since the project was originally created for completely different purposes. Legal data on the site is in a separate tab.

We are shown the address: Harjumaa, Tallinn Linn, Majaka tn 26, 11412. However, do you think there is such a broker at this address? Of course no. Because the address is a typical dummy. There is no such office. In reality, the pseudo broker hides his location. Because it is one hundred percent offshore.

The project is designed primarily for Russian citizens, but there is no license from the Central Bank of Russia here. Of course, there is no real trade here and never will be. Because the fake broker has no real access to the exchange.

You will just see fake charts. But as soon as you want to withdraw money from here, you simply cannot do it. After all, as soon as your finances get into the project, the admins immediately transfer them to their offshore accounts. It is almost impossible to get your money back from there.


Reviews about Moneyget are sharply negative. As well as the reputation of the project as a whole. Some users believed in the legend of the project and invested their money here. But in the end, they faced the fact that they simply cannot withdraw them now. Many immediately blocked the account. What only says that the project does not work honestly. And it was created only to breed gullible users.

Moneyget - real reviews about the platform


Moneyget is not an honest project, which was created by experienced admins. This site only looks like a broker, but it is not really one. In addition to the usual financial losses and the loss of your personal time, nothing at all awaits you here. Always check the reviews of the project very carefully before trusting it and investing your money. Always be on the alert and warn your loved ones.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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