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Not only specialists analyze and identify fraudulent projects. Users themselves also play an important role in this. Unfortunately, they will only learn from their own experience that a particular platform is a fake scam site. Reviews about Empire Trading is still not enough to give an objective assessment of the company's activities. The site itself empiretrading.net claims that the company has been successfully trading for many years. But why does every person who tried to trade on this platform very soon ask in third party forums how to withdraw money from Empire Trading? Are these reviews real or fake? Before answering this question, a comprehensive analysis is needed. You should not make a verdict on the company only on the basis of a lot of negative reviews - suddenly they were ordered by competitors.

Is Empire Trading a promising project or a standard scam?

We offer to digress from the negative reviews about Empire Trading and pay attention to other factors that may testify in favor of one or another point of view. First of all, you need to study the website of the trading platform: it will already become clear from it whether to trust a particular broker.


  • The interface of the site empiretrading.net immediately arouses unpleasant suspicions with its stereotypedness. It is immediately clear that the owners of the resource were not puzzled by the development of a high-quality professional design that would correspond to the status of an international trading platform. Also, the site is filled with absolutely meaningless information that does not carry any benefit. There are only unsupported promises and guarantees of profit. The platform claims that the broker has been operating for at least several years, while the website domain is only two months old.
  • Also, there are no references to regulators and license scans on the site. It becomes interesting how Empire Trading managed to function without accreditation during the stated time. After all, the latter indicates the legitimate activities of the broker, so any trading platform that cares about its reputation is needed.
  • On the site https://www.empiretrading.net/ru you can find a certain legal address, where, as stated, the head office of the brokerage company is located. But it is enough to drive it into a search engine, and the results shown will demonstrate that the same address is found indiscriminately on a variety of fraudulent resources.
  • The "Contacts" section presents completely left-handed email addresses and phone numbers. There is nothing else, and there is a feeling that no one will ever answer you through these contacts.

So, Empire Trading It's really a scam site. Even the quickest analysis allowed us to conclude this conclusion.

How EmpireTrading cheats users

EmpireTrading reviews show that the divorce scheme is ancient. Fraudsters look for possible victims through fake social media profiles or call them using purchased databases of phone numbers. If the user is too trusting or greedy for easy money, then they begin to fully process it, after which the person registers a personal account on the fraudulent platform. Then he credits money to the account without delay and starts trading. At first, everything goes as it should: transactions one after another become profitable and successful. It does not matter the real situation in the market, whether it is stagnation or a collapse - the balance of our victim increases rapidly.

Then the person receives an offer from a personal manager to enter a large amount of funds in order to take part in the largest transaction. But as soon as the user decides to withdraw the money he has earned, he immediately faces fines., commissions, other technical problems and hitches, after which he sees a zero balance and then a blocked balance.

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There are still few reviews about Empire Trading, but we can safely draw a conclusion. Empire Trading is a standard scam, which breeds gullible users for large amounts of funds. The trading platform does not have access to the markets, provides services illegally, has a bad website with a cheap template, and instead of useful information about the broker's activities, we see only empty promises and guarantees. The owners of the resource lied about their work experience, published false addresses and contacts. All this suggests that the negative reviews about the site are really true, and you need to stay away from such scams.

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How to get money back from Empire Trading?

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