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JustForex is supposedly a very successful broker that wants to present itself in every possible way as a very reliable partner, providing us with exceptionally good conditions for profitable trading.

But, as is often the case, words are at odds with deeds. It will not be difficult to expose a project like JustForex. Everything lies on the surface, you just need to look at the facts, and also not trust the paid hacks who are ready to carry anything because they were paid. In reality, you will not earn anything on JustForex. This office exists solely to breed us for money.

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JustForex - company overview

So, JustForex is a broker that helps people make money in the financial markets, providing them with favorable conditions.

He is an international broker, works with clients from different countries and understands that each person is unique and has his own values, regardless of whether he is a trader or partner.

The broker develops the services of the company, taking into account the diversity of cultures, nations, trading experience and customer requirements. JustForex offers several types of trading accounts with a wide range of trading instruments, and everyone can find the most suitable one according to their own preferences.

What are the reviews about JustForex — justforex.com review - Seoseed.ru

The minimum deposit is only $1. But it is, of course, enticing. You will only get to the project, but then they will immediately begin to twist you for much more serious amounts. In addition, they lure you with absolutely idiotic conditions, for example, a leverage of 1:3000. Only naive beginners can believe in this.


+371 67 881 045,

+44 1418 461237

Communication for Russian-speaking users, on which this unfortunate broker focuses, is possible only in text format. Calls are for English speakers only. Nothing new, as it should be for a fraudulent project, JustForex is trying by all means to avoid communicating with clients, as it understands what they will say to it.

Customer reviews and complaints

JustForex, in principle, cannot have positive reviews. If they are, this is a banal order. These guys do not spare money to buy positive comments. But the negative is still more. Claims are standard - money drain, theft of deposits, the inability to withdraw funds, and so on.

What are the reviews about JustForex — justforex.com review - Seoseed.ru

JustForex is a broker that has a lot to say about it, and everything is bad. The project provides its services on a frankly low-quality and cheap site, the cost of which does not exceed 500 rubles. Is it really an international and well-known broker?

There is no legal information as such.

As befits an offshore sharaga, JustForex has multiple registrations. There are several offshore companies located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines that are associated with JustForex. You won't find the end.

It is also reported that there is a license from the local FSA regulator. It can only protect the citizens of this offshore state.

JustForex is a fraudulent broker

JustForex does not conduct real trading. He does everything for you to drain your deposit. If you decide to withdraw money before this happens, then you will be blocked, and the money will be taken away.

What are the reviews about JustForex — justforex.com review - Seoseed.ru

After you deposit your funds here, you will not get them back under any sauce. Whatever you do, the scammers will be relentless. Should have thought ahead.

JustForex is a pseudo-broker. Fraud and money scam is a very dangerous project for beginners.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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