Merrill Broker is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Today we will talk about a company that provides intermediary services for trading on the stock exchange. It's called Merrill Broker and offers favorable trading conditions, a wide variety of trading accounts, as well as a huge number of benefits. Let's decompose this office into components together and see what they represent. Each separately. And all together.

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Merrill Broker. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

Merrill Broker Reviews Scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

Merrill Broker has made every effort to create the effect of an authoritative organization on its resource. However, the independent service put up a very modest price tag for the efforts of the developers.

Merrill Broker Reviews Scam
Site rating

And it's completely justified. After all, most of the pages of this web product are not ranked in search engines and do not carry a special semantic load. The company limited itself to general phrases, mused on different sections. If you compress it all into a coherent text, without water and repetition, you would get no more than a couple of A4 pages.

The main page contains the following sections:

  • menu (trading conditions, analytics, platforms, about the company, contacts, registration/login/language change buttons);
  • a scrolling line with prices for the main assets;
  • Market Review;
  • market data, tickers, cross rates;
  • heat map;
  • news.

And that's it. Solid third-party numbers. You will not find any information about the offer on the main page. Analytics and again. There is nothing more. All other information - about the company, contacts, types of accounts and terms of cooperation can be found either in the footer or in other sections. But after being on the site for some time, in search of the necessary data, you unwittingly raise the level of these guys in front of the search engines. Although, as you can see from the first screen in this chapter, it did not help much.

Due Diligence, Merrill Broker Licenses

In the footer of its website, Merrill Broker indicates the place of registration, which is familiar to us and you from previous reviews on Many other users who are familiar with the activities of such offices also know this address. After all, according to him, everyone who is not lazy is prescribed. However, they are all rascals.

Merrill Broker Reviews Scam
Search by address

There is also a Russian address there. Moreover, the developers “accidentally” indicated it incompletely, as befits scammers. It seems that an invitation to a cozy office for a cup of coffee is not about our heroes.

Merrill Broker Reviews Scam

In the header of the "about us" page, the third address is indicated - in Singapore.

Merrill Broker Reviews Scam

However, the search for our company in Google maps at the specified coordinates again turned out to be in vain.

Merrill Broker Reviews Scam
Google Maps

We also looked at the availability of regulators' licenses. Since Merrill Broker is silent about these documents on their page, we had to punch them through the databases ourselves.

We all know that the regulator of the famous offshore zone of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has recently stopped distributing licenses to its beneficiary brokers and other similar offices. There is an official warning about this on the website.

AdroFx reviews scam

But since our friends also give a Russian address, and also adapted their resource for Russian-speaking clients, we checked them against the register of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. However, here, too, there is a misfire.

Merrill Broker Reviews Scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

We did not check the Singapore license, because it is unlikely that the regulator would distribute such documents to non-existent offices.

As for the age of the project, on the "about us" page, the company carefully assures users of its advancement and reliability. However, checking the age of the domain showed us that the project was launched quite recently (see the very first screen).

The Client Agreement is also confusing, which gives the company the right to close any transaction, suspend the provision of its services, request details (and you and I know what exactly such offices ask in the first place).

Merrill Broker Reviews Scam

And for dessert, we left our favorite - the search function by photo. We checked a randomly selected photo posted in the team's presentation section and found that there is exactly the same site on the network, with the prefix .ru.

Merrill Broker Reviews Scam
Merrill Broker monitored site
Merrill Broker Reviews Scam
Merrill Broker clone

By the way, translations into other languages do not work on the monitored site. Usually we are content with machine translation to capture the essence of the project. But after detecting a clone, they tried to go to pages displayed in another language. However, the attempts were not successful. Obviously, our friends thus divide the audience.

Features of Merrill Broker's work. Tools and conditions for traders

On the "about us" page, Merrill Broker claims the following benefits:

  • No. 1 team in customer service, formed through careful selection;
  • perfect execution of transactions and orders;
  • revolutionary trading conditions, a wide range of trading instruments, analytics;
  • experience and professionalism, strict observance of international financial standards;
  • modern software;
  • thoughtful service;
  • comfort and safety.

Notice, not a word of specifics. Solid "successful success" and "team of professionals" in every point.

Merrill Broker offer their clients trading on MT5, a platform adapted to any device, including the iPhone.

To start trading, you need to register in your personal account, select the appropriate tariff plan and deposit money into your account.

There are 4 tariff plans for customers to choose from, each of which increases in price as the set of options expands.

The minimum package of services starts from $250. For this money you can get only basic functionality. For full-fledged trading, you will be asked to start with 20 thousand USD. e.

Merrill Broker Reviews Scam

Merrill Broker also has a demo account. But, of course, when trading on "candy wrappers" everything will be fine with you. Our “team of professionals” will show its true face only when you enter real banknotes into the system.

Real customer testimonials Merrill Broker

Unfortunately, we could not find reliable reviews about the reviewed office. But even this fact indicates that it is too early to trust Merrill Broker. The situation is aggravated by the complete lack of adequate legal information.

If you have become victims of Merrill Broker scams, leave comments below this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Merrill Broker User Fraud Scheme

After analyzing the Merrill Broker resource, we came to the conclusion that the typical “red flags” we found on the site indicate a classic client divorce scheme.

It all starts with beautiful phrases about high earnings without leaving home. And those who fall for this bait will be asked to see the simplicity and profitability of trading on a demo account. However, as we have said. Once, after looking at a beautifully drawn virtual profit, you decide to trade with real money, you will simply be dumped. There are a lot of possible scenarios for the development of events here. From a banal blocking, which, by the way, is provided for by the contract that you sign. To various stories about endless technical failures, demands to pay a fabulous commission, to give out secret banking data, or even stupid ignore.

In any case, the fate of your investments will always be the same. Which, we think, is easy to guess.


On the Merrill Broker website, we found the following "wake-up calls":

  • registration in an offshore zone;
  • lack of adequate contact details, licenses, including the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • availability of a clone site;
  • non-unique, non-informative, inconvenient resource;
  • lack of mentions in the network;
  • low cost of the project, short period of presence in the market.

As you can see, in some places these “bells” turn into a bell that strikes the whole district. Because contacting anonymous offshore companies is always a risk for your own investments. Whether it's worth the risk for the sake of the drawn profit - decide for yourself.

If you have been scammed by Merrill Broker or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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