How to get your money back for a VE-FIT subscription (Vefit) - Reviews

VE FIT is a service that offers us an online course with a guaranteed result. The course is aimed at fat burning workouts, an individual nutrition plan and everything in that spirit. And since summer is coming, many users are now trying very actively to get themselves in perfect shape. Therefore, the course can be very relevant. In addition, you will not need to spend big money on training in the gym under the guidance of a trainer. All workouts can be done at home. But is everything really as smooth as it is trying to present to us? And what are the real reviews about VE FIT? Let's understand and consider the project in more detail.

Project legend

Fitness lab was created by professionals for people who have decided to start a healthy lifestyle. With our course, you will get the result quickly and permanently lose those extra pounds. As such, there is no legend here. Instead, we just see loud slogans that this course is ideal for any person, regardless of age and physique. After all, thanks to this course, you will definitely be able to solve the most popular problems. Remove the stomach to tone the body and so on.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

The program itself includes the preparation of individual nutrition, support from psychologists, various lectures, and more. And yes, this functionality can really be of interest to a large number of people. It's just more of a lure. For users who want to bring themselves into shape. In reality, the project was generally created for something else. By the way, there is no website. It's more of a landing page. The task of which is primarily to actively impose and sell their services. Everything looks pretty colorful and bright. However, it is absolutely clear that there were no special financial investments here.

Contact details:
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Support Chat

Project overview

From the contact details of VE-FIT, everything is rather modest. All we see here is only an email address, as well as a chat with support. Will admins respond? Of course yes. And very active. Because it is on this that their earnings directly depend. In fact, we have a rather old fraudulent project in front of us. He just constantly creates clones of himself, because he quickly gains negative reviews. And now we will explain what the divorce is here and why this project should be avoided. The whole point here is to make a paid subscription.

How to get your money back for a VE-FIT subscription (Vefit) - Reviews

In order for you to join the program, you just need to click on the button start right now and agree to the processing of your data. There are two programs to choose from. This is the complete package. The cost of which is equal to 3960 and this, among other things, taking into account the discount of 58 percent. This package includes 35 workouts, 6 lectures, and so on. But of course, few people will choose this package from users. Because the price really bites. But there is also a trial package. And its cost is only 29 rubles for the first day of access.

Of course, most of the users will choose this particular package. Then its price will be 990 rubles for every three days. However, as soon as you pay for the trial period, you also pay for a paid subscription. And if you did not have time to turn it off in 24 hours, then money will automatically begin to be debited from your card. Of course you can unsubscribe. To do this, you need to write to the email address: [email protected] However, unfortunately, it is not a fact that your subscription will be turned off. The surest way is to restart your bank card. However, the chances of getting your money back for a subscription are very small.

Reviews and withdrawal

How to get your money back for a VE-FIT subscription (Vefit) - Reviews

Reviews about VE-FIT can already be easily found on the Internet. Basically, users declare that they are actively being subscribed for 29 rubles. However, the next day they discover the fact that 990 rubles have been debited from their account. Then users immediately write to those support. But the admins simply throw off their user agreement in response. Where it turns out that it was necessary to disable the subscription within 24-4 hours. Everything here is done quite cleverly.

Vefit is a very dangerous project that should be kept as far away as possible. Because you will simply give your money for a subscription. Moreover, the money is debited automatically. And it is almost impossible to cancel a subscription on your own. Therefore, if you saw this project, then you can safely close it and go on about your business. Warn your loved ones.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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