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At the moment, there are just a huge number of companies operating on the market that represent their services not only locally, but all over the world, at least they think so, because most of the offices only create a beautiful illusion that they are experienced and professional, in fact , which is mentioned in many reviews on, stealing all the investments of their customers and leaving them with nothing. A vivid example of such sites will be the hero of our today's article, a site called Battle Trade, which has not been operating for so long, but has already become the “favorite” of many users due to its filigree fraud with customer funds, which for the most part led their financial situation to a rather deplorable one. condition.   

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Battle Trade Contacts

The site did not leave any specific contact on its website, the only thing that is useful in the “Contacts” tab is a feedback form, where customers need to indicate their email address, phone number, and other data that will help to contact them.

Website review battletrade.comIt can be seen with the naked eye that the Battle Trade website was created according to the cheapest and most used template, which cannot boast of special specifics, beautiful visuals or clear and useful functionality, rather, on the contrary, this site was created solely for show, because through it you can find out some really useful information is almost impossible, and only in practice it will be possible to clarify all those details that were initially of interest to the client. 

Battle Trade Broker Conditions

The office offers its users the following set of trading functions and opportunities available to them:

  • fully automated trading processes, allowing you to significantly speed up the receipt of results;
  • constant user support by experienced and professional employees of the office;
  • access to margin trading;
  • the presence of 4 asset classes: stocks, currency pairs, indices, as well as commodities;
  • the minimum investment amount to start trading is 500$;
  • leverage from 1:100;
  • services of a personal consultant;
  • the trading platform is available for download on all existing operating systems;
  • daily trading signals;
  • clients have access to more than 1250 trading instruments during the trading process;
  • minimum commissions;
  • the presence of indicators, as well as oscillators for more advanced trading;
  • accurate charts as well as charts for ease of use in the trading process.

Although this list is quite promising, as well as promising, you should not lose your vigilance, and also trust the office with all your savings right away, since a beautiful wrapper does not mean that this site really fulfills all its promises, and is also able to provide everything necessary for clients to achieve their goals, rather, all the provisions and the very actions of the company prove the opposite. Battle Trade


Exposing the Battle Trade Company

Quite a lot of suspicions and doubts regarding reliability and quality were made in the process of getting acquainted with the activities of the Battle Trade office, since it has quite a few quite significant shortcomings that make you wonder if it is really worth cooperating with such a service.

First, one of the reasons to call Battle Trade scammer, are reviews about the office Battle Trade, in which users repeatedly mention the negligent attitude on the part of the company's employees, the lack of a real opportunity to enter all the previously mentioned markets, systematic malfunctions in the trading platform, the actual lack of trading payments, non-functioning payment systems, as well as other problems that are at the root of fraud and deceit by Battle Trade.

Secondly, it is worth pointing out the absolute absence of any documents that could confirm the legality of this site, including also its reliability and transparency, which it is so proud of, because these characteristics are leading for such projects, so their presence is mandatory, but , apparently not the case with Battle Trade.     


How to withdraw money from Battle Trade

As we mentioned earlier, the presented office is absolutely not conducive to providing its users with either high-quality trading tools, effective offers, or, even more so, profit, because all the funds of clients that they deposit at the initial stage of cooperation, and then in its intervals, are merged into the offshore accounts of the company, which are already filled to the brim with hard-earned investments of naive traders.          


Company Battle Trade does not withdraw money, lures gullible customers with false promises, does not provide high-quality and subject documentation, and also brazenly lies about its achievements and experience. All the provisions presented indicate that the office Battle Trade scammer and scammer, which is quite dangerous to trust, since there is too high a risk of being left with empty pockets and not even small debts.  


Possibility withdraw money with "BattleTrade" not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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