Hermes Bank is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Today, the website of the international bank Hermes Bank came to our review. The company positions itself as a reliable, secure and experienced provider of banking solutions for individuals and corporate clients around the world. Whether this is actually so, we have to figure it out.

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Hermes bank. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

Hermes Bank Reviews Scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

The Hermes Bank website is a one-page site with a pile of various blocks. The design and usability of the pages leave much to be desired. Pages have only English display language. And the translator built into the browser is not enough to translate all the blocks. Perhaps they are closed from translation by special functions. Although the office positions itself as an international bank.

An independent service estimated this creation at 23 rubles.

Hermes Bank Reviews Scam
Site rating

Agree, as for a bank - very modestly. For comparison, we will give you a screenshot of the assessment of the Sberbank website.

Hermes Bank Reviews Scam
Sberbank valuation

The main page contains introductory information about the company, special offers. On the left is a column with a menu and contact information.

The menu includes the following items:

  • about the company (who we are, technology and security, questions and answers);
  • banking;
  • news;
  • contacts.

The section with contacts is duplicated below, there is also a link to Google maps, where you can see the location of our monitored people. We will return to this information below.

Expertise of legal information, Hermes Bank licenses

Let's start right away with registering a company. In the "contacts" section, the guys give an address on the island-state of Saint Lucia - one of the most famous offshore zones, along with the UK and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Hermes Bank Reviews Scam

It is there that all kinds of rogues “register”, including scammers, whom we constantly expose on Such popularity is due to the fact that these states provide protection only for their citizens (for example, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines generally prohibits foreign brokers from working with their citizens). Outside their jurisdiction, firms oriented to foreign, including Russian clients, can do anything and not bear any responsibility for it. That is why we can observe absolutely polar reviews on the Internet. For example, positive ones from UK nationals and completely negative ones from Russian clients.

Hermes Bank Reviews Scam
Google Maps

In the same section, the phone numbers of representative offices are published. When checking, we found out that one of them belongs to the UK (by the way, if someone is not in the know, Saint Lucia came under the jurisdiction of the UK relatively recently).

Hermes Bank Reviews Scam
Phone number verification

The second is located on the territory of the island.

Hermes Bank Reviews Scam
Phone number verification

Among other official data that we managed to get on the Hermes Bank website are the terms of cooperation, or the client-user agreement, which is in the nature of a public offer, which you automatically sign when starting work with the company that provided it.

This document reveals the whole rotten nature of our monitored comrades. Because it states that the company has the right to change the terms of the contract, restrict access to the site, and generally does not bear any responsibility for the information published on the pages of their resource, including security guarantees and the absence of viruses.

Hermes Bank Reviews Scam

Hermes Bank Reviews Scam Hermes Bank Reviews Scam

Hermes Bank Reviews Scam
Terms of use

This document also states that the activities of this bank are regulated by the laws of England and Wales. But we already know that this jurisdiction extends only within its own state. Any foreign users remain outside the legal field, which means they are completely unprotected from any illegal actions on the part of the counterparty

Hermes Bank Reviews Scam
Terms of use

With regard to clients from Russia and the CIS countries, the situation is aggravated by the fact that Hermes Bank does not have a license from the main Russian regulator. This means he is free to do whatever he wants with your money.

Hermes Bank Reviews Scam
Register of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

And the last one is the age of the company. Although they acquired a domain that appeared in 2002 (see the very first screen). In fact, this resource began to exist only in 2021. According to the web archive, the domain was empty for a long time, and various incomprehensible projects periodically appeared on it.

Hermes Bank Reviews Scam

Hermes Bank Reviews Scam

Hermes Bank Reviews Scam
Web archive

Features of the work of Hermes Bank. Tools and conditions for traders

Hermes Bank offers several types of products for its clients. These are personal deposit and debit accounts, corporate banking, business partnerships.

Hermes Bank Reviews Scam

To start cooperation, you need to apply for opening an account through Professional Partners (remember this point, we will return to it a little later). For the convenience of customers, accounts are offered in six popular currencies. And it will take from one to several days to open an account, subject to proper checks.

The initial deposit is from 1000 euros or the equivalent of another supported currency. As soon as the company approves your entry, you will receive all the necessary links and identifiers to enter your personal account. But we would not rush to invest our money in this sharaga, which has all the signs of fraud on its face. Another red flag can be found in the next chapter.

Real customer reviews of Hermes Bank

We were unable to find any real reviews of the activities of Hermes Bank, except for a couple of laudatory odes, written, obviously, to order. Or from citizens of Great Britain or Saint Lucia, who are protected by the legislation of these countries.

Hermes Bank Reviews Scam
Pseudo reviews

This state of affairs once again confirms the unreliability of Hermes Bank and its lack of experience.

If you are faced with Hermes Bank fraud - leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Hermes Bank User Fraud Scheme

The Hermes Bank deception scheme is not too different from the algorithm of actions of brokerage companies, which we talk about on our website. This allegedly modern remote bank providing remote services was created as a prop for divorce of citizens and money laundering received by all kinds of scammers.

Remember, we said remember about Professional Partners. So, these partners are just all kinds of scammers. As well as pseudo-legal offices that "return investments lost on the sites of these same black brokers." They urge their "clients" to open an account with Hermes Bank and receive a withdrawal of their profits to it, or money that they can allegedly return from unscrupulous brokers.

In fact, as soon as you transfer money from the account of the brokerage company, you will be immediately blocked. Even worse is the situation when "lawyers" will show you a fake account at Hermes Bank, on which your money allegedly fell and demand their remuneration for services. But as soon as you pay off these crooks, this whole shop will safely curl up and wave to you.

Here are the professional swindlers partners hover around our high-tech Hermes Bank.


Hermes Bank is a typical offshore bank registered in Saint Lucia and subject only to British jurisdiction. He has no license, no props, no real reviews. Contact with such offices is strictly not recommended.

If you have become a victim of Hermes Bank or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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