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The company that we are going to talk about today is direct proof that there are just a huge number of fraudulent services on the market that are able to come up with any legend and make any kind of promises in order to attract the attention of as many naive and gullible users as possible, which are their main audience.
In this review, we will focus on a fairly young brokerage project called BMT-brokers, which positions itself as a successful and reputable service, but in fact, which has a lot of evidence, is the most common scam project, of which there are tens of thousands on the market.      

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BMT-brokers contacts

On its website, if it can be called such, of course, BMT-brokers has posted several available options for contacting it, namely:

  • Support contact number: +74950492313
  • E-mail address: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • The location of the central office of this project, from where all management takes place: Post Office Address PO Box 1405 Majuro Marshall Islands

Also, the platform has a special form, thanks to which users can request a call back from representatives of this site.

Website review bmt-brokers.spaceAs we mentioned earlier, the site that presented BMT-brokers it is rather difficult to call it quality, since it does not have a really impressive design, comfortable interface, multilingual support, and is also quite bad in terms of content, since it presents only the most banal and superficial information, which, firstly, does not distinguish this project from the crowd similar, and secondly, it is of no value to traders, so it is simply impossible to confirm the professionalism and quality of BMT-brokers with this web resource. BMT Brokers

Broker conditions BMT-brokers

Since the company did not provide all the necessary data, and also does not fully disclose the trading process on its site, it was possible to compile only a small list of its main offers for users:

  • round-the-clock support from the best specialists, represented by experienced traders, as well as market analysts;
  • no additional commissions for clients in the process of making various kinds of transactions;
  • the highest quality trading products from such categories as: stocks, bonds, indices, currency pairs, cryptocurrency, futures, precious metals and others;
  • universal trading platform with a simple interface;
  • the presence of a fairly extensive number of additional trading tools for clients and their trading, for example, an economic calendar, or a trader's calculator;
  • the ability to develop a trading strategy “for yourself” with the best analysts of the company, as well as draw up a detailed plan for further actions on the site;
  • multi-level referral program, thanks to which you can get additional assets for further trading;
  • maximum reliability of the site and the safety of user funds, which is achieved due to the segregation of client funds from the company's assets used;
  • the presence of a variety of payment systems, thanks to which users can get their profit in any way convenient for them. 

Exposure of BMT Brokers

In addition to a rather cheap web resource that is not suitable for the status of this company, the office also has a huge number of other significant shortcomings that are directly reflected in the quality of both its activities and its customers. Most attention from the huge list of such provisions should be paid to BMT-brokers reviews, then its reputation, which, according to the initial promises of this site, should have been impeccable, since BMT-brokers has already satisfied the requests of more than a million traders, but, as you can see from the study of independent feedback platforms, in addition to the fact that the responses present on them are written in a rather negative key, there are also very few of them, which gives an additional need to check the real age of this office. According to the data obtained after studying the domain name of the office, it began its activities only on 12/07/2021, that is, at the time of writing the article only 10 days ago, which only once again confirms the huge amount of deception on its part.  

How to withdraw money from BMT-brokers

It is not surprising that such a project as BMT-brokers does not withdraw money, because, given the real intentions and goals of such services, which are described in large numbers on the website, their main task is to appropriate as much money as possible from their naive and gullible customers, which means that this project will not even earn any money and withdraw doesn't think.     


Since the office BMT-brokers does not represent a single provision, including legal, which could refute the fact that BMT-brokers scammer and scammer, and only confirms this fact with a huge number of negative provisions that we previously mentioned in this article, we strongly do not recommend this project for cooperation, since there are no guarantees regarding the fact that users will be able to return their investments, and even with a profit, it does not gives.           

Possibility withdraw money with BMT Brokers not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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