FamForward is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

A convenient platform for earning, a large selection of tools, various service options and the ability to earn at any time - all this is offered to us by FamForward. The heroes of our review claim that they are licensed by eminent regulators and provide a completely safe and transparent service. Let's check what all these promises are really worth.

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FamForward. General information

Broker's main website:


Whois score:

FamForward reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

The FamForward site has a template familiar to us, which we have already met many times when reviewing various scams on binarybets.ru. Only color schemes and stock pictures change. The content and cost of the site remain at the same level.

FamForward reviews scam
Site rating

On the main page, by tradition, we can see the following sections:

  • menu (market overview, about the company, trading conditions, contacts, login and registration buttons, as well as choosing the language for displaying pages);
  • a cap with a USP and a button to go to the registration section on the site;
  • Who is the FamForward platform suitable for?
  • a call to start earning right now and instructions for registration;
  • the benefits of cooperation;
  • review of charts of changes in quotations;
  • company news (in fact, there is market analytics);
  • presentation of tariff plans;
  • the documents.

The footer duplicates the main menu and contains information about licenses and registration. We will analyze these data below.

Expertise of legal information, FamForward licenses

According to the classics of the genre, FamForward published information about the licenses it received from Mauritius, Cyprus and Belize and even drew the numbers of these documents.

FamForward reviews scam

But according to a no less common tradition, all this information turned out to be fake.

FamForward reviews scam
Mauritius license
FamForward reviews scam
Belize license
FamForward reviews scam
Cyprus license

These comrades have not only no conscience, but also no license from the main Russian regulator, without whose permission trade with residents of the Russian Federation and CIS countries is prohibited.

FamForward reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

As contact information, the office leaves the address, phone number, e-mail and feedback form.

FamForward reviews scam

And everything would be fine, only Google does not know such an address.

FamForward reviews scam
Google Maps

And in order to make a long-distance call to Germany, you will not only have to highlight your phone number to who knows who, but also pay for it.

There remains mail, but, apparently, in case of problems, you will have to wait a very long time for an answer. But SPAM, which will arrive after the illuminated e-mail address, will not keep you waiting.

We were also embarrassed by the fact that the office did not provide adequate documents on working conditions. The site has a privacy policy regarding conflicts of interest, anti-money laundering and risk information. By the way, in the last document there is an interesting point, which provides for the need for prompt replenishment of the account for a tidy sum of additional margin. If this condition is not met, you will be blocked.

FamForward reviews scam

And since we are all convinced of the reliability of this office, we think that such a situation will come very soon. After all, everyone who reads our reviews is familiar with the habit of scam brokers to tweak the quotes and the balance on the account of their clients.

The icing on the cake is the age of the project. FamForward claims that it has been on the market for over 4 years and during this time it has managed to achieve millions of turnovers and thousands of customers around the world. But the domain check showed that the site was launched at the end of October 2021, and the domain with experience was purchased to blur the eyes. After all, earlier on it there was nothing related to the surveyed office.

picture web archive

Features of the work of FamForward. Tools and conditions for traders

Trading with FamForward is suitable for both beginners in the field of trading, and confident investors, professional traders, as well as lovers of an accessible interface, business people, users who invest in various markets.

FamForward provides its clients with the following benefits:

  • high order processing speed;
  • accurate data on quotes from official sources;
  • a wide range of trading instruments;
  • transaction reliability.

To start trading, you need to register in the system, select a tariff plan and make a deposit.

There are three tariff plans for your choice, with face value from 150 to 10,000 dollars. The larger the amount of your investment, the more options you will receive.

FamForward reviews scam FamForward reviews scam

FamForward reviews scam

But judging by the information we found in the previous section, as well as the content of the next chapter, you will not have to count on profit.

Real customer reviews FamForward

Despite the fact that FamForward positions itself as a reliable broker with many years of experience, we could not find a single review of their activities in RuNet. This once again proves that all the information on the website of the reviewed heroes is a typical soap bubble.

If you have become victims of FamForward scams, leave comments below this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

FamForward User Fraud Scheme

Approaching the end of our review, we note that the FamForward client divorce scheme is not much different from the "work" of other villains in the financial markets.

You are found on thematic sites, forums, in groups of social networks. You are offered a journey into the profitable world of successful trading and are given a link to your scam as a ticket.

After registration, you are contacted by a “specialist” of the company who brainwashes you so plausibly that you, without any doubts about your future success, replenish your trading account.

Only from this moment on, the artificial courtesy of managers disappears and they begin to persistently put pressure on you, demanding more and more investments, disclosure of confidential data, payment for non-existent services. After all, the office prudently ignored all the criteria of reliable brokers. This means that she is free to do whatever she wants with your investments.


The FamForward website contains the following signs of a scam:

  • primitive pattern, filling, low cost;
  • fake licenses, lack of permission from the Russian regulator;
  • fake registration address;
  • lack of reviews, adequate agreement with the client;
  • misleading users with information about the opening hours and achievements of the company.

Thus, FamForward is a typical cuisine that is not worth your attention, time and money. So together we wish them to get off as soon as possible and go to learn to distinguish between adequate offices and scammers.

By the way, on our website we regularly publish educational information on how to trade in the financial markets in order to receive a decent income. For example, newbie article.

If you have become a victim of FamForward or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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