Globalfuturesinvest is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Solutions for investing in cryptocurrency are offered by Globalfuturesinvest, which we will talk about in today's review. For their clients, these guys have developed several guaranteed investment packages with a yield of 180 to 456% per annum. But we think that these figures are slightly overestimated. Or maybe even made up. Let's figure it out.

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Globalfuturesinvest. General information

Broker's main website:

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Globalfuturesinvest reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

The Globalfuturesinvest website has a good adaptability, but a very mediocre design. Annoying colors, stock images, and poor content quality are typical signs of cheap web resources. Intuition and experience did not deceive us. An independent website evaluation service is in solidarity with us.

Globalfuturesinvest reviews scam
Site rating

The main page of Globalfuturesinvest is represented by the following sections:

  • menu (about the company, investment plans, FAQ, contacts, registration, language change);
  • a header with a unique offer for customers and login/registration buttons;
  • Main advantages;
  • approach to security;
  • investment plans;
  • another block with benefits;
  • history of the company;
  • and again the benefits;
  • reviews;
  • certificate of registration in the UK, video about the company;
  • and again about successful success;
  • financial table of investment and withdrawal.

In the footer, next to the duplicated menu, information about the whereabouts of our heroes is left. There is also a button to call the online chat.

As you can see, the presented site is extremely primitive and filled with water and repetitions. But further - more. Ahead is the analysis of legally significant data.

Expertise of legal information, Globalfuturesinvest licenses

Let's say right away that in such a heap of laudatory chanting of themselves, it was difficult to find even a drop of official information. However, what we found turned out to be a complete hoax.

For example, Globalfuturesinvest indicate that they are officially registered in the United Kingdom and even provide a reduced copy of the certificate.

Globalfuturesinvest reviews scam
Registration Certificate

Close-up on a copy of the document is written the name of our monitored. The rest is hard to decipher. The picture is clickable. But when you click on it, the user is redirected to the top of the page. And it was done for a reason. After all, the provided document is a complete lie. This fact was confirmed by the absence of a company called Globalfuturesinvest in the database of the UK registration authority.

Globalfuturesinvest reviews scam

It is noteworthy that in the user agreement, the office indicates that it is not a bank, therefore it does not have any licenses.

Globalfuturesinvest reviews scam

But we know that you can take money from Russian investors only if you have permission from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. What our friends did not have.

Globalfuturesinvest reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

By the way, in the same part of the agreement in black and white (more precisely, white on gray) it is written that the office provides only introductory information, which is not a guarantee of profit. And in general, you invest at your own peril and risk and all responsibility lies with you. But you have no right to leave negative reviews about our respectable brokers. This state of affairs, of course, goes against the “guaranteed investment” declared on the main page.

Aroused our suspicion and the registration address of Globalfuturesinvest.

Globalfuturesinvest reviews scam

A commercial building is located at the address indicated in the footer, but our friends are not mentioned there. It is obvious that they do not want to see us and you there.

Globalfuturesinvest reviews scam
Google Maps

And the last one is the age of the company. According to legend, Globalfuturesinvest began work in 2008, which means that by this time it should have acquired a website. Serious companies with a long history of work usually invest millions of dollars in the development of their projects. Therefore, they rarely change addresses. At the same time, our heroes filed down their website at the end of October 2021 (see the very first screen). Therefore, we can safely say that it was at this moment that they crawled out onto the market themselves.

Globalfuturesinvest reviews scam

Features of the work of Globalfuturesinvest. Tools and conditions for traders

Globalfuturesinvest has not been stingy in praising themselves, so we will list only some of the claimed benefits:

  • security and privacy;
  • registration in the United Kingdom, regulation by a financial authority (at the same time, literally in the next section, our friends declare that they are not required to be licensed);
  • professional team;
  • education;
  • continuous monitoring of markets, detailed statistics, daily profit;
  • high-performance solutions (secure IT environment, technical support, information security).

To get started, you need to register an account and purchase an investment plan by selecting the appropriate one.

Globalfuturesinvest reviews scam
Investment plans

Products vary in price and range of services included in them. The higher the first, the higher the second, respectively. You can start investing with $100 and get 2% every 4 days. The maximum package costs 50,000 USD. For this money, you get the largest percentage of daily dividends.

Our friends also have an affiliate program. You can attract new project participants and receive pleasant bonuses in the form of percentage deductions from the deposit amount of your referrals.

We just think that all this, starting from the benefits and ending with the referral program, is a typical soap bubble, with signs of a financial pyramid that will burst before you manage to withdraw at least the amount of your initial contribution from there.

Real customer reviews Globalfuturesinvest

We were unable to find any mention of Globalfuturesinvest either in RuNet or in foreign reviews. This once again indicates that the project has just popped up on the net and does not fit in with the image of a company that has 14 years of experience and a huge pile of positive feedback on its website.

If you have become victims of Globalfuturesinvest scams, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Globalfuturesinvest User Fraud Scheme

Before us is a miserable financial pyramid Globalfuturesinvest, in which only those who invented it can earn. Primitive legend, low quality web resource, contradictions and repetitions - all this smells like cheap hype and loss of money. It will also be a pity for those who bring third-party users or their acquaintances into this cesspool.


The following signs of fraudulent companies were found on the Globalfuturesinvest website:

  • cheap project with low quality of execution and content;
  • lack of clear contacts;
  • fake registration information;
  • lack of the right to work with clients from the Russian Federation and the CIS countries;
  • lack of online reviews.

So let's unanimously close the tab of this squalor and be glad that we read the review about this scam before throwing our money into it.

If you have become a victim of Globalfuturesinvest or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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