Express Game - a fresh scam with express games from another pyramid

Carefully! Express Game is suspected of fraud!

Netizens often think that various online express games will help them hit the jackpot and get rich in a couple of minutes. Being carried away by such instant games, with the connection of wallets in the browser, people do not notice how they spend huge sums to replenish the pockets of scammers, without getting a penny.

A striking example of a game aimed at extorting money from a gullible population is the Express Game project, launched by scammers 2 months ago. to understand that Express Game is a scam that is not going to pay anyone, allow real facts, so it’s better to pass by this site in a timely manner so that you don’t have to regret it later.

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Details regarding work and project proposals

Having opened the site of another cheap scam that attracts the attention of users with offers to earn money on fast games, we managed to find the same thing as on other similar scams. A complete review of Express Game and the features of this resource, as well as its offers for customers, to find out allowed this:

Express Game - a fresh scam with express games from another pyramid

  • you can play on the site after connecting your wallet;
  • the user needs to install a joint crypto wallet on the site in order to receive income;
  • the size of the minimum wallet replenishment has an indicator of 0.05 Bitcoin, after it has been completed, you can connect to the Binance exchange or others, profitably buying digital currencies;
  • after connecting the corresponding wallet through the browser, the user needs to copy the link from the system by pasting it into the field provided for this;
  • after pressing the Express Game activation button, the user can immediately start receiving income;

Express Game - a fresh scam with express games from another pyramid

  • the project is a game with smart contracts that allow you to receive passive income directly to your wallet without making any effort;
  • if the user cannot connect to the earnings system on his own, the chat representatives are always ready to help with this.

In fact, the system offers to automate the user's income by connecting a wallet to a special system through a browser, but they do not explain in detail here where the income will come from in the game and how much users will be charged. There are no reviews of the Express Game on the network now, which indicates the recent creation of a scam, and there is no need to talk about the safety of the technical part of the system equipment for users' computers, because nothing is said about this at all.

Why you should not fall for the beautiful offers of the Express Game office

If you carefully check the presented office and its work, you can understand that Express Game is a scam created to simply lure money out. The main signs that you should stay as far away from this resource as possible are the following facts:

Express Game - a fresh scam with express games from another pyramid

  • the scam domain launched only in 2022, such suspicious sites change very often after a successful collection of funds from users;
  • the site of the office is dubious, the proposed way of earning is the same;
  • the resource offers users to make anonymous payments, so it will be unrealistic to return money from such scammers;
  • the office offers to make incomprehensible settings on the device and, at the same time, it is not known whether such actions are safe;
  • there are no legal documents and legal data on the site, even an elementary privacy policy is missing here;
  • information is already beginning to appear on the network that the project is a cryptopyramid.

By investing in this project and its allegedly fast games for making money, the user will only lose his money, there is no other option here.

Project website and basic data about its functioning

Having examined this resource in detail, during the review of Express Game, we managed to find out the following information:

Express Game - a fresh scam with express games from another pyramid

  • office address on the network -;
  • domain registration time – the resource was launched on January 24, 2022;
  • the owner of the office - information about the owner of the domain is not disclosed;
  • project contacts and feedback - links to Telegram and YouTube, internal chat of the project.

There are no telephones or e-mail on this site, which is quite typical for such scams, so users have nothing to do here.

Opinion on the network about the work of the Express Game project

There are no real reviews of Express Game on the net yet, but the first reviews are already beginning to appear, characterizing the project as a financial pyramid, blatantly luring out finances. Naturally, only its creators will receive income from such a project, and naive users who have made deposits from an anonymous wallet will remain in their own interests.

Express Game - a fresh scam with express games from another pyramid

Attracting gullible people with promises of simple earnings, such projects collect funds in a couple of months and close, and then it is useless to look for the guilty, as many users have already seen.

List of sources used

In the process of writing a complete review, information was used from the official website of the office in question, additional data was taken from the sites nic ru, protraffic com, biznes-plan-s-nulya ru.

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