Express Game is a crypto-pyramid hiding behind express games

Offering to connect a crypto wallet, join an express game with smart contracts, receiving a stable income, network users are being bred by a new pyramid. This project was created at the beginning of the streaming year, it does not have any security guarantees for users at all, and real facts point to the Express Game divorce, so it’s definitely not worth contacting an anonymous project by investing in it. As soon as the scammers collect enough funds from gullible people, they will immediately close their sharashka office, and ordinary people will lose the opportunity to return the invested finances back.

Office offers for users - a short overview of the project

The new scam, offering easy money to network users with minimal investment, was clearly designed for gullible beginners who think they can get rich without much effort. As the full review of Express Game shows, in order to lure money out of ordinary users, the creators of the presented sharashka office tell the following stories:

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Express Game is a crypto-pyramid hiding behind express games

  • users will be able to quickly connect their own wallet on the site, starting an instant profitable game;
  • installing a joint wallet within the system will allow the user to receive a good, stable income;
  • you need to deposit only 0.05 Bitcoin to the balance in order to quickly start receiving a stable profit from the project;
  • connecting a wallet to the system will allow you to receive income directly from large cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • using the capabilities of their browser, users will be able to successfully configure the system to receive automated income;
  • profit will be transferred to the user's wallet immediately after he activates the Express Game button;

Express Game is a crypto-pyramid hiding behind express games

  • the project positions itself as a unique game that allows you to get a stable profit through the conclusion of smart contracts, without any effort on the part of the user;
  • if the client has problems connecting to the earnings system, then the system's consultants are ready to help as quickly as possible.

Since the creators of this scam clearly understood that automated earnings offers are relevant for many people, they offered just that in order to reach a larger audience. True, there are no specifics about the earnings scheme, as well as the software used for this, which does not allow us to consider the system reliable. It is also worth noting here that you cannot yet find reviews of Express Game on the network, but negative reviews are already beginning to appear, which once again proves the not entirely transparent intentions of this office.

Signs of a scam on the Express Game website

Having considered this project and aspects of its work, we can confidently say that Express Game are scammers who simply steal other people's finances, because the following facts indicate this:

Express Game is a crypto-pyramid hiding behind express games

  • the scam was created at the beginning of the current year and is cheap, such sites are launched on the network only to quickly collect money from people, after which they close;
  • the method of making money on the site is doubtful, all the details of this process have not been described properly;
  • the office offers to make all payments in cryptocurrency, because it understands that it will be virtually impossible to return this money, as well as to track the payment, which is in the hands of scammers;
  • users are not given a guarantee that the installations made by them according to the instructions of the office on a PC will be safe and will not harm;
  • the office did not present to the attention of users even one regulatory document, and users were not given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Privacy Policy;
  • the office is mentioned on the network only in a negative way, calling this project an ordinary cryptopyramid.

All the facts mentioned above are evidence that the users are not in front of a verified project, but an ordinary scam created to extort funds.

Information about the site of the fraudulent pyramid

In the course of a complete and detailed review of the Express Game official website, we managed to obtain the following information about this project and its main parameters:

Express Game is a crypto-pyramid hiding behind express games

  • the address of the scam on the Internet is;
  • the launch date of the site on the network is January 24, 2022;
  • up-to-date information about the owner of the project - information about the owner of the resource was hidden;
  • communication with users and system contacts - the office communicates with users via Telegram and internal chat, there is also a link to YouTube.

They did not consider it necessary to add more extensive contact information on the site, since no one will actively communicate with users after stealing their finances.

Express Game is a crypto-pyramid hiding behind express games

The opinion of real customers about the office Express Game

In the space of the network, at the moment, real users have not yet left their reviews about Express Game.

Express Game is a crypto-pyramid hiding behind express games

Although there are no user reviews on the Internet, truthful reviews are already beginning to be written about the office, in order to warn people against being associated with this financial pyramid. This project is dubious from head to toe and, a scam was created only for the sake of deception, so it is risky to start working with it.

List of sources used

In the process of writing a complete review, information was used from the official website of the office in question, additional data was taken from the sites nic ru, protraffic com, biznes-plan-s-nulya ru.

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