CMC Capital: reviews about the company. Paying or not?

Honest review and real reviews of CMC Capital ( - an investment brokerage company, at least here they want us to think so. But such a statement contradicts reality. In fact, this is a very dangerous scam. Why can't you trust the project and can you count on payments?

Contact Information

Official site:
Registered address: 48 Dover Street, London, England, W1S 4FF
Phone number: +44 203 639 5270 +44 208 089 4762 +55 61 3343 3244 +34 918 29 88 30 +39 06 659 701 +49 1525 8131141 +33 1 47 03 36 24 000 31 97
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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Broker Description

According to the description on the site, CMC Capital is a global investment brokerage company, and also a leading one. That is, everyone should know about its existence. But this is not the case - few people know about such a project, despite the fact that the company is actively advertised on the network. But it is known only among beginners, while experts and specialists openly ignore it.

She is engaged in investment management, securities and cryptocurrency, and also provides a wide range of financial services. At the same time, such a supposedly large company is even unable to show us normal legal information. They only give a link to the British certificate, but the real company CMC CAPITAL LIMITED was registered back in 2013, while this project is no more than a year old. It is clear that the document was stolen.

In addition, CMC Capital predictably does not have a brokerage license, and therefore the company has no right to provide its services.

Terms of cooperation

Here are several options for cooperation:

  • Independent trading. We will trade stocks, currencies, metals, options, futures and so on. The minimum deposit is $10,000.
  • Investment and landing
  • Client investment management
  • Institutional services - the broker will do everything for you.
  • CMC Capital: reviews about the company. Paying or not?

  • CMC Capital: reviews about the company. Paying or not?

In general, there is where to turn around. But in no case should you contact CMC Capital. Reviews about this broker are mostly bad. Positive ordered a long time ago, but negative reviews appear constantly. In them, people complain that this is not a broker, that he drains money, blocks the withdrawal, invents a bunch of reasons not to give a penny.


There can be no talk of any cooperation with CMC Capital. This is not an investment broker, this is a dangerous money scam.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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