AZAforex (AZAForex) - reviews and an honest review of the company

What does the company offer and what reviews do they write about AZAforex ( - a foreign brokerage platform that has begun to invite Russians for cooperation. The broker has only recently entered the Russian market and is quickly gaining attention online. There are more and more discussions that these are ordinary scammers who decided to make money on gullible people. The site looks doubtful, so a full check of the project was carried out. Unfortunately, it turned out that this is another scam that will appropriate customer deposits.

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Brokerage overview

AZAforex is a successful brokerage company that was founded in 2016. Every effort has been made to succeed. At the moment, the organization is a leader among global competitors. Clients are promised trading on favorable terms. Regular users are guaranteed bonuses, unique offers.

For beginners, a demo account is available, with which you can practice trading on the stock exchange. The minimum deposit to start is $250. New customers just need to go through a short registration and replenish their account. Professional analysts and managers of AZAforex will help beginners to open only profitable deals. There is account insurance and the ability to transfer money to trust management. When investing, all risks are assumed by the representatives of the company.

Broker check

There was an attempt to make the site look like a real brokerage platform. Beginners can easily believe in such a funnel. Therefore, it is always important to check such sites. The legend of AZAforex was specially invented to make people believe that they will cooperate with a real broker. A domain check showed that it belonged to several companies, and in 2016 the AZAforex broker appeared. Somewhere in September 2021, the broker began to invite Russians, but at the same time, there is very little real information about this project on foreign portals. Most likely these are unknown scammers who do not manage to deceive people in Europe or the USA. So they decided to try in another country.

Standard terms of cooperation with which you must agree upon registration. The conditions say that the company is not insured, that no one will ever guarantee financial success. No one is going to compensate financial losses. In some cases, project owners can simply block a client's account without giving reasons.

According to the stated information, AZAforex is registered on the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. A very popular offshore zone. Fraudsters often indicate legal data from this particular zone, since there are no open registries. Thus, it is impossible to verify the authenticity of AZAforex registration as a legal entity.

AZAforex is trying to convince people that they have licenses from European regulators. In fact, this is a blatant lie. This office does not have any real licenses for brokerage. All trading will take place in the simulator (demo account) and not on real exchanges.

As expected, AZAforex operates according to a well-known scheme. First, they call potential customers and tell tales about the opportunity to make quick money. They choose only gullible people who dream of making quick money. They suggest starting with a minimum deposit. As a result, the account is immediately drained, and they offer to try again. The client magically has 3000-5000 dollars, but he cannot withdraw them. There are demands for payment for translation, brokerage services, and so on. As a result, the client loses all the money, and no one returns them.


In Runet, reviews about this office have only recently begun to appear. Basically, all reviews about AZAforex are negative. Several people have already fallen victim to these scams and lost over $500. Therefore, be careful and careful. The victims still cannot get their money back.

AZAforex (AZAForex) - reviews and an honest review of the company

AZAforex (AZAForex) - reviews and an honest review of the company


AZAforex is another fake brokerage company. The purpose of the project is to deceive people and embezzle their contributions. There is no real legal data, licenses from regulators. Fraudsters work according to the standard scheme of deception. There are already victims. Therefore, it is best not to cooperate with these scammers. Trade with brokers that have licenses from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and do not hide the faces of the leaders.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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