CIF Management reviews and review about the project

CIF Management is a new company whose origins are highly qualified economists. They know how to increase profits, they are ready to share the secret with others.

General information
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Description of the CIF Management project

According to the principle of operation, the company is similar to an investment company, serious and reliable. The developers assure that considerable funds have been spent on the opening of the project. The staff is represented by economists, financiers, programmers and analysts with experience in the financial market. The company was founded 12 years ago, has no analogues.

The company's advantageous offers are standard, the predominant ones being: a wide range of financial instruments, high-quality analytical and technical support, an impeccable level of service and the competence of employees, and exclusive investment services.
Despite everything, the investment fund requires additional verification for the fact of working on a fraudulent scheme.

CIF Management reviews and review about the project

Technical part of CIF Management

You can open an account in the project after official registration on the site. To do this, you will have to specify a phone number, email and other personal data, accept the terms of the user agreement.

The investment portfolios proposed by the project are represented by the most profitable industries. Investment portfolios have two main goals: to maximize stable returns and to minimize the possibility of losing assets. Our specialists allocate capital across different products and instruments, reliably protecting funds and providing income above the market average.

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The company cooperates with 28 popular exchanges, including NYSE, NASDAQ, XETRA, LME, LSE, SS, JPX, and many others. This allows us to transact in the securities and commodities markets of any availability.

CIF Management reviews and review about the project

Unlike brokerage companies, commercial banks and a large share of investment funds, each specialist of the company performs his work with high quality due to the correct distribution of functions of the members of our large team.

Both the composition of the company's establishment and the employees holding managerial positions are graduates of the best universities in Europe and Russia. Thanks to this, we maintain good relations with the highest economic institutions of different countries, which allows us to hold an unlimited number of seminars and conferences in order to improve the skills of our specialists, as well as constantly keep them in good shape.

The legend - serious and truthful, how realistic - is anyone's guess.

Signs of a scam

The first thing that experienced traders do not like is the location of the CIF Management office. Finding an office in an offshore zone deprives Russian-speaking users of legal support. In our case, another disadvantage is the lack of an official license to conduct financial activities. These facts are the main signs of a scam.

CIF Management reviews and review about the project

A decent company and founders have nothing to hide, they make open contact with project users. But this project does not offer such options. It restricts the actions of clients, uses them as chips to implement a fraudulent scheme, the main task of which is to replenish an offshore account.


The company breeds quickly and easily. Some beginners do not notice that they became suckers 5 minutes ago. Persuasion and psychological pressure makes you replenish the deposit again and again. Each stop is different. For beginners, it can be associated with a nervous breakdown, quarrels in the family and a debt hole.


CIF Management - a tempting project turned out to be a simple scam. The developers of the site hunt customers for their own gain. Their interests and profits are of no interest to anyone. The project is dangerous for beginners and not desirable for pro traders.

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