Nfian is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Highly profitable trading, security, convenience and wide opportunities are offered by Nfian, a company specializing in brokerage services. In this review, we will check their official information, licenses and terms of cooperation. And at the end we will make a verdict.

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Nfian. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

Nfian reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

And again, a ruble site, a familiar structure and promising words. The Nfian resource is built on a free template downloaded from the Internet, has a content that is no different from other similar projects. Therefore, there is not much to talk about here.

Nfian reviews scam
Site rating

Main page includes:

  • menu (markets, trading conditions, "about us", contacts, registration/login and language selection buttons);
  • a slider with the main benefits and a target action button;
  • another block with benefits;
  • 3-step guide to start trading and again about the benefits;
  • account types;
  • news of the world economy.

And on this - that's it. In the footer, the company has traditionally duplicated the main menu and provided information about registration and licenses. We will check them out. Although something tells us quite a predictable outcome.

Expertise of legal information, Nfian licenses

The "footer" of the site and the section with contacts contain information that our friends are registered in Larnaca. They also have licenses from three eminent regulators: their country (Cyprus), Mauritius and Belize.

Nfian reviews scam

Nfian reviews scam

However, our friends do not pass the Google Maps check. The worldwide search engine does not know such an address.

Nfian reviews scam
Google Maps

The presented foreign regulators also did not hear anything about the monitored office.

Nfian reviews scam
Nfian reviews scam
Nfian reviews scam

There is also nothing about the heroes of our review in the registers of the domestic regulator that gives permission to work with clients from the Russian Federation and the CIS.

Nfian reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of Russia

The phone number provided is invalid.

Nfian reviews scam
Phone number check

So you can only contact Nfian by mail. But what is the point of dealing with scammers? In case of real problems, you will wait a very long time for an answer (and these problems will come very soon). At the same time, SPAM, which will fall like a cornucopia on a highlighted e-mail address, will not keep you waiting.

The user agreement of the company is a standard agreement without designation of the legal entity providing the services. We saw the same document in our past and previous reviews.

Nfian reviews scam

Nfian reviews scam

And for dessert - the age of the project. In the "about the company" section, our friends provide beautiful statistics, where you can see information about millions of turnovers, thousands of customers and 4 years of experience. There is also an impeccable history of the development of the company, which began its journey in 2018.

Nfian reviews scam
Nfian reviews scam

It's just that all this data is made up. Because the domain on which the Nfian website is located, although it was registered in 2016 (see the very first screen), did not contain any sites and was on sale. Moreover, since 2021, the access of the robot that creates screenshots for the web archive has been limited.

Nfian reviews scam

Nfian reviews scam
Web archive

Therefore, we conclude that the company is covering up a fraudulent entity with its domain name, trying to present itself as an experienced market player.

Features of the work of the company Nfian. Tools and conditions for traders

In almost every block of the homepage and in every section of it, Nfian whistles about "successful success." At the same time, all the advantages are nothing more than standard requirements that are imposed on brokers. Somehow, our friends did not think about detuning from competitors. And they don't need it either. For a poor scammer, it will do.

To get started, you are offered to go through a quick registration and, choosing a suitable tariff plan, deposit money into your trading account. Three types of accounts have been developed for you, with a minimum entry threshold of $150 and a maximum set of services worth $10,000.

Nfian reviews scam

For your money you will be provided with:

  • convenient platform, with better adaptability for mobile devices;
  • transparent conditions;
  • low commissions;
  • a wide range of tools;
  • expert support;
  • instant execution of transactions;
  • accurate prices in real time;
  • analytics, etc.

But we are in a hurry to upset you, all this is nothing more than words that are completely divorced from reality. The results of checking the licenses and registering these comrades are a clear confirmation of this. And the content of the next chapter will put an end to the "i".

Real Nfian customer reviews

We couldn't find real reviews of Nfian on the net. It is not surprising. After all, the project appeared a few weeks ago. The lack of reviews once again confirms that all the fables about work experience and huge turnovers are nothing more than a lure.

If you have become victims of Nfian scams, leave comments below this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Scheme to deceive Nfian users

Nfian, like all projects similar to it, uses the classic scheme to swindle its victims.

The target audience is searched for on thematic forums, websites, in social network groups that are dedicated to trading, making money on the Internet and related topics. Throwing a bait in the form of a “lucrative offer of high earnings with a reliable broker”, the office quickly pulls out the first catch. When registering, they leave their contact details, through which a “personal guru” instantly contacts them, capable of putting on just tons of noodles, if only you replenished a real trading account. But as soon as this happens, you will either be blocked immediately or put on an even bigger hook in the form of demands for endless commissions, “breakfasts” and apologies for “technical failures”.

The result of such "cooperation" is always the same - 0 c.u. profit, headache, wasted time and money.


On the Nfian website, we did not find anything other than typical signs of fraudulent projects:

  • primitive content, low resource cost;
  • lack of registration, fake data about the legal address, licenses;
  • lack of real customer reviews;
  • use of false information about the company's working hours and turnover;
  • short period of presence in the market.

Our conclusion in such cases is always the same: by trusting such organizations with your money, you get only one opportunity with a 100% guarantee - to flush it down the toilet. Therefore, under no circumstances do not mess with this dump.

If you have become a victim of Nfian or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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