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The hero of our today's article will be an office called Cassandra Limited, which specializes in trading cryptocurrency assets, which, according to a number on, have become a fairly popular means of passive income, and also offers its services both in foreign and domestic markets. This office positions itself as a fairly professional and influential brokerage service, but the following description is more suitable for it: cheap, as inefficient as possible, and full of lies and deceit, an underproject that tries by any means to attract naive and gullible users to its site.      

Contacts Cassandra Limited

  • E-mail address: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • In addition to the mailbox, the company also provided links to its social networks and a feedback form in the footer of its website, where the user will need to specify a number of his personal data in order to receive a response from representatives of this service. 

Site review

The appearance of this project objectively leaves much to be desired. The Cassandra Limited website does not make it clear that the user is getting acquainted with a really successful and noteworthy office, rather the feeling that the client has again stumbled upon an already familiar fraudulent project, with minimal visual design, lack of any specifics, cheap promises, and a huge number of stock photos and charts.      

Broker conditions Cassandra Limited

The office offers its clients the following list of trading opportunities available to them:

  • the company offers clients only one investment plan, which is designed for daily income from 1% to 3%;
  • qualified and professional support service, which is available to users 24/7;
  • a fairly extensive list of effective trading tools that are included in the arsenal of this site;
  • the fastest and most convenient trading platform, with an abundance of features and functions;
  • for beginners, there is a trading glossary, which consists of all the basic and necessary trading terms;
  • users are offered a multi-level referral program with additional marketing tools;
  • for beginners, almost 100% cashback is offered as a welcome bonus;
  • traders have access to more than 20 popular and requested types of cryptocurrencies;
  • simplified algorithm of actions when withdrawing funds;
  • a huge number of payment systems;
  • maximum automation of all available processes. Cassandra Limited


Exposing Cassandra Limited

You should not pay attention to the positive and promising aspects of this project, since they will not be able to cover all the shortcomings that the Cassandra Limited office has.

Firstly, they include not the most impeccable reputation, which the company talks about so beautifully. More specifically, the image of the office was significantly spoiled Cassandra Limited reviews, in which the ex-clients of this project mention a number of the reasons due to which they ended up in a stalemate, namely, mired in debt. This list includes the non-professionalism of the representatives of this site, the lack of really effective trading tools, non-functioning payment terminals, as well as systematic failures in the processing of trade requests.

Secondly, one of the main weaknesses of this project is its legality, or rather its complete absence, because this project did not provide a single authentic document that could confirm that the company has passed all stages of verification and can deservedly assign itself the status of a reliable and transparent brokerage service.           


How to withdraw money from Cassandra Limited

Further proof that the company Cassandra Limited scam and scam, is the fact that Cassandra Limited does not withdraw money. This is confirmed both by the results of users who have already cooperated with this office, and by the real intentions of the platform, which are the need to appropriate as much as possible of the funds of its naive and gullible traders.                  

ResultsSummarizing all the provisions we have previously mentioned, as well as the facts, we strongly do not recommend contacting this service in any way, as well as trusting your personal information to it, since there are no legal provisions Cassandra Limited does not, which means that in the future it will be very, very difficult to prove the fact of deception on her part.   



Possibility withdraw money with Cassandra Limited not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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